Base set Machamp query

I bought a base set Machamp off of eBay and I have a query about it.

When I opened it up, I noticed that the yellow border was uneven on the right hand side. I could not find any other signs of counterfeiting, but I just wanted to run it past some of the more experienced collectors here.

I have included a picture of the card in question.

Thanks in advance for your help :blush:

EDIT - As the picture doesn’t seem to have uploaded, here is a link to the photo

You’re good. It’s real. :blush: and it’s also the galaxy swirl holo Machamp. :blush:

Excellent. Thanks guys. Does the galaxy swirl holo design make it a rarer card?

Despite the fact that it was released with the Base 2 starter set, is it still a Base Set card (I’m guessing so, but I just want to clarify it)

Awesome. Thanks for clearing that up for me Frosty :blush:

From my understanding of how the Base Deck was originally done, there was the 1st Edition Machamp released, but it is shadow-less. Then the next printing of the deck was done as shadow-less. The card producers felt that the shadow-less cards lacked “pop” so they added the shadow so the cards had more appeal. So for every card of the base deck, there is a 1st edition, a shadow-less, and an unlimited version. NONE of the Base Deck 1st editions have a shadow. I have two of them so I know they exist. I have five 1st edition cards with shadows and they are all fakes. I have not found the unlimited version of this card yet nor have I found just a shadow-less version of the card. I believe there was a non-holo Machamp that was released in the trainer’s deck and that is very rare. And as far as I can tell, the trainer deck may have had special markings on the cards to distinguish them apart.

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