Has anyone ever seen a legit 1st ed base card with shadow

So I came across a “1st edition” base set bulbasaur. And my first thought when I saw the shadow was fake stamp but then I thought who would stamp an unlimited bulbasaur? So just checking to make sure this isn’t an established misprint or anything crazy. I messaged the person to buy it for $3 just to check it out. It is english, for sure unlimited base set and although from the poor photo quality from what I can tell the stamp is placed as it should be. I can’t post a picture through mobile or I would.

I know this, that’s why I stated that it is english.

Would have to see it…

Pic please

I can’t figure out a way to post a pic from mobile. I’m assuming it’s a fake but I just wonder why someone would fake a base bulbasaur.

eBay item 142539230093?

No but it’s the same as that one. Just a typical old english unlimited bulbasaur but with the 1st ed stamp

They are fake but look quite convincing

Very fake, the whole card is likely to be fake, not just the stamp

A legit Shadowless Machamp would have me trading my right…leg. But they just don’t exist.

Sure hope someone from WOTC doesn’t show up asking for your leg. But hey it’ll cost more than any base set card probably

I’ll trade it.

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