Legit BlueBoyDarkWeezing? [misprint]


About two weeks ago I went to the GermanyRegional and stumbled upon this cool misprint (?) of a DarkWeezing.

The guy wasn’t sure if it was legit but was apparently gonna try to grade it with BGS/PSA- he got in in some bulk
(all other [rocket] cards were legit within that bulk; atleast, that’s what he said)

I thought it was an awesome card, and I might strike a private deal with the guy (I mean… this thing can’t be “sunbleached” right? the blue color seemed really vivid). He allowed me to take some pictures to verify its legitimacy; so please teach me E4masters & help this youngling

-Am I an idiot who almost fell for a bleaching scam if it wasn’t for you guys?
-Is this a legit card in your opinion?

-How could this ‘misprint’ occur?

-Has such a drastic color change been a thing on other rocketCards?

-How much would you offer for this BlueBoye?

[the guy declined my initial offer for 100Euros, but said he would maybe accept an highr offer]


Thanks for the help & have a great weekend!


Seems very strange to me. I haven’t seen any other card with such obvious miscolouring before. That said, I cannot find any other signs that indicate a fake. Even the wear on the back looks quite normal.
In my humble opinion, it’s real and highly unique. Too bad it’s in such a poor shape.

I’m really curious what the more experienced error collectors here have to say!

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I’m no expert when it comes to the printing process but here’s some evidence supporting it’s potential legitimacy.
Typically the printing industry uses cyan, yellow, magenta and black (like a household inkjet printer) to produce every colour. To get green, you’d mix yellow and cyan as seen below:

If you’ve ever seen one of those colour barcodes on printed product, they use that as quality control for checking ink levels. Here’s an example from an uncut sheet:

So my guess would be when they printed this card, they were low or out of yellow ink. Makes sense right??

Glad you asked! Check out the charmeleons from this post : www.elitefourum.com/t/error-charmeleon-not-sure-would-like-your-opinions/20902/1
Here’s the low-res version of what I’m talking about:

Going off what the Magic community thinks of this error (reference in that thread) it seems to be a legit error and would imply that the border is actually printed as a separate layer from the background of the card. So maybe the yellow ink was low when the background was printed and fine when the border was printed. The fact that the yellow border is present in full saturation and the backgound seems to be missing the yellow, I’m inclined to believe it is not a fading error.

Different inks fade faster than others. Maybe the yellow in the background faded first leaving the magenta and cyan. Perhaps the yellow border is printed in a different way and is more robust to fading. Then this could just be a result of sun fading. Can’t really say which idea is more accurate, I’m not an expert as I said.


Sure. Pfm gives an AMAZING answer here but on my thread he offers up Gabork.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


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