Teach set 2010

Can anybody give me info on this set like how many were made and how rare it is going to purchase a set in a few days just not sure what it is exactly

for the info you need to talk with @japanime
if you are interested to purchase it contact me!

The one with the pikachu is rarer and more desirable. I reckon 50 is a good price for this one, you almost never see them because they aren’t really card size.

Do u have pictures of the other set by chance?

Sure thing buddy :wink:

do u have this set by chance?

Well, I do and I don’t. It is still in my possession, but I’ll send it to a fellow collector next monday since I traded it for a Natta Wake Pikachu.

Is the trade a done deal? If so, I’d say you really got the short end of the stick. Sorry…

The Pikachu Teach set is very seldom seen for sale. Natta Wake Pikachu, on the other hand, shows up quite frequently on YJ.

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