8/11/13 - _______'s Pikachu

On the right is from the Pokémon 2nd Anniversary Calendar from 1999, and on the left is from Natta Wake.
I think the history of this card is fascinating.

When the original on was released, people though it was much more rare than it really was. The price for it soared to about $500 per card. But, of course, the price quickly plummeted. Another interesting fact about this card is that it’s 1 of only 2 cards that wasn’t allowed to be used in tournaments once released in America (Ancient Mew being the other one). This is because its attack does 50 more on the user’s birthday, and any person could claim it to be their birthday in order to gain that extra power.
I personally like the Natta Wake reprint more due to the artwork not having been reprinted into a <$5 in English. I also like the much more cartoony feel of it more.
What about you?Which is your favorite? Why?What’re they worth?

I wish they reprinted the Natta Wake Pikachu, but only into a rare English promo, not like the other Birthday Pikachu. It’s a great piece of art and I want it in my English collection :stuck_out_tongue:

I stand by that the Natta Wake Birthday Pikachu is one of the best-illustrated cards ever. It is truly something. Both Pikachu’s are iconic though :blush:

I FINALLY bought a 2nd Anniv. Birthday Pikachu the other day. It took me so long :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve gotta say I like the first one better. Good memories of the original craze with that card! Everyone though it was the rarest card ever and most of us dreamed of owning a copy of that card.
Overall, I think I just like the simplicity and deep colors of the first version. Oh, and they should have made the second version holo :slightly_frowning_face:

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I like the english one the most, I just love the holofoil.


I see most sell for about ± 15$?

And it’s actually printed twice, also 1x in the Pikachu World Collection :wink:

Yeah, $5 was an exaggeration. They go consistently for about $10

I like the “original” the most, but the second is also a classic. What’s not to love about Pikachu sitting down to a glass of wine? :grin:

Seriously, look at him. Pikachu is DRUNK in that illustration!


I’m with the first one aswell!
It’s for the simple fact that I remember there was an article about it in some card magazine which came out in Germany at around that time. The card was advertised as beeing ‘the most wanted’. Like @raichuforyou said, a card that I could not even imagine holding in my hands one day. As you know I recently had the chance to buy a mint copy of this amazing card and so I did :blush: I also don’t mind the Black Star promo reprints. I have German and English copies of it already and I plan to collect the card in each language!

I can’t really relate to the Natta Wake one. I do think the artwook looks cool but they sure should have made it a holo. In my opinion high value cards should always come in holo to compliment them better and make them more desirable for us as collectors.

Another thing I love about the card — underneath the _______ at the top are instructions to write one’s name on the card.

No collector would ever dare deface a card by writing on it. But this is what makes Pokemon cards so special. They actually ARE meant to be used, written on and played with.

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