Natta Wake Birthday Pikachu

Does anyone have a Natta Wake Birthday Pikachu for Sale?

Graded preferably, but NM-M otherwise.

I have a Nr mint one with me at the moment but if you wait a week or so I have another 3 with PSA which will graded by then. I am open to offers on them.

Hey Charizard EX what grades did you end up getting on your Natta Wake Pikachu’s? I just bought a PSA 9 through a guy that was on ebay for $230. I think I probably overpaid, but I really wanted a super MINT one and my current one is not in that state. Also recently I’ve had difficulty on ebay getting truly mint cards. Anyone else have any thoughts as to if I overpaid or not? :blush:

You bought it off me :wink:

I dont think you over paid as Mint ungraded copies usually go for around $150-$170 as thats why iv sold some for in the past. Being a PSA 9 copy you bought you have to add the $20 cost for the grading fee plus the PSA grade bring value to the card so I reckon other people will agree $230 delivered isnt a bad price at all.

Haha oh how funny is that! As you can tell I wasn’t terribly worried if the price was worth it or I would have asked here BEFORE buying it haha. I don’t know it seems a reasonable deal for both of us but its always tough to tell on some of these rarer cards just what their worth. I am looking forward to getting it in person soon. Its my favorite card and I’ve always wanted a graded copy but my current copy is not gradeable. It was a yahoo japan auction that looked better than it was. It has a few light scratches and then this light indentation when you look at a certain angle. I’ve never sent cards to be graded, but it doesn’t sound like I’d have much luck with that one.

Just curious when did you get this graded? I think I saw a PSA 8 with 1 number off this so I’m guessing you sent the 8 and 9 in together?

Thats the problem with YJ as they never put decent images of the card.

It sound like your copy would be around a PSA 6-7 so not really worth it as it wont add to the price.

I cant remember the exact time I sent it but it was in the last few months of 2013. Yes the PSA 8/9/10 copies were from the same submission.

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I wish I could like this comment twice. The images on YJ! are horrible. Luckily Japanese sellers are usually honest about condition, but quality photos tell a buyer everything they need to know.

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Oh lol I just realized your the one I had sent the offer with the PSA 10 Natta Wake on ebay. After your countered, I decided I didn’t want to spend that much on any card right now so I opted for the 9. While a 10 is of course always better, I still find a 9 to be a prized grade on rare cards. My PSA 9 Shining Mew still makes me super happy every time I see it :grin:

230.00 for the Pika is totally fair. Two years from now it could double:)

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That would be nice but I have this feeling that this card is maxed out. I’d love to be wrong though :grin:
But ya whether its worth that much or not, its worth it to me. :blush: I love that card so much. Definitely my favorite card. Thanks for your input! I indeed hope your right about its potential to double in price :blush:

I just bought the natta wake set, with the comics a couple weeks ago… but, it was missing the Pikachu… z.z…

Oh no! That’s horrible. Was it a YJ auction?

No, it was an ebay auction… :sleeping:

Huh well did they advertises all the cards? If so you should send them back if you feel ripped off. How much did you pay?

Oh… I just bought it and realized afterwards it wasn’t in the lot. silly me.