Japanese Birthday Pikachu PSA 10 value

ask him if he has the stickers… I got the factory sealed one for $30 on ebay with the stickers.

I’d say that is a good price, with or without the stickers. While elite collectors know that the original Birthday Pikachu isn’t as rare as once thought to be, it’s still a “holy grail” card to many casual collectors who never managed to get one back in the 1990s. One that is graded PSA will certainly hold its value.

Awesome thanks so much for your help Japanime! Let me know if you ever get a Natta Wake Pikachu you want to sell! :blush:

The natta wake one hits the market infrequently and the demand is far superior to the supply. Expect a big price tag. $100 would be bare minimum for any condition. Good luck!

Ya I realize it will be pricey. If i could get one for $100 I don’t know what I’d do with myself :stuck_out_tongue: I figure on spending more