Value of Gentlemanly Pikachu Pokemon Center Tokyo DX Psa10!!

hey handsomes recently got back into collecting (surprise surprise) and been obsessed with japanese pokemon centre pika promos lately. this is the current one i have in my sight :heart_eyes: couldn’t find any existing thread on this card in the price and market discussion mega-thread so obviously had to ask xx not many psa 10s of this card have been sold on ebay so not sure if making a generalisation of the price is wise and not too keen to pay an inflated price for it (given the current market) - last sold listed as around nearly 700 AUD/around 500 USD. sussed the card on pokemonprice as well and the last sale of a psa 10 was listed as 405 USD, a price jump of around $300 from the last sale just around a month before; again this being the first and only sale at this price, the true market price eludes me slightly. (hope this all makes sense as these cards have got me pretty excited and i’ve honestly got so many more questions just regarding this single card frfr, so i understand if the sentences are rather convoluted xd) please help tyty xoxo

It should be noted that raw copies are readily available under $100


yeh i’m aware cheers x ofc i sussed the prices of ungraded copies as well to get a better understanding of the card and it’s possible value hehe. pretty set and keen for a psa 10 :relieved:

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I think so many prices have gone up recently some go under the radar. This pika might be an example. The demand for 10’s might be higher than the amount of 10’s out there. Once people start seeing these large numbers I’m sure more will get graded.
I don’t think anyone here would be able to give a breakdown of how many of these cards exist. You may have to guestimate on your own by looking at the time this card was available and how you could get it.

I’m unsure of this release but if it is similar to the other cosplay pikachus, try seeing how many sealed boxes are available on the different marketplaces first

Some basic bulbapiedia info:

“In Japan, this card was released as one of the SM-P Promotional cards and was given to customers who purchased at least 5 booster packs from Pokémon Center Tokyo DX in celebration of its opening on March 14, 2018. The promotion ran from the opening day for as long as stocks lasted.”

So perhaps to get an idea you could research when stock was sold out.
It seems it was only sold from the one store which is good.
Maybe there are cards with a similar release that were more popular yet likely had the same amount printed. So the pop reports of those might be more complete.

Regardless, I’d assume most of these raw cards are in PSA 10 condition so atleast you have a baseline psa10 price. Price of ungraded mint card + PSA fees

appreciate it king. i definitely am aware of and share all your thoughts and ideas (although i’m questioning the notion of adding the grading cost to the raw mint value) as i’ve honestly tried to find every resource out there on this card, i neeed it (without overpaying ofc). however i feel i am unquestionably severely ill equipped to even attempt to take a stab at the “estimated” number of raw copies that were distributed, being so fresh again to the hobby. thus i turned to this forum hoping collectors with vastly superior experience (such as yourself) and perhaps even an interest in this type of card could make a far more educated guess at this number. (not too keen to pay an inflated price for a card that is plentiful (despite only ever distributed from one source) and should be like 5 dollars; potentially make it hard to own a large portion of its market) additionally, pop reports for a psa 10 of this card, while low and perhaps due to the reason u mentioned of it being a slightly “under the the radar” card (although it seems to be a fairly popular card rn, twicebakedjake also included it in some of his videos so more may have hopped on), is the highest pop out of the other grades. could this mean that the card is highly easy to grade (as u mentioned most cards are likely in mint condition) and once more psa 10s hit the market value could drop?

and just to cut to the chase, would i be dumb to pay around USD 260 for a psa 10 of this card?

still have plenty of questions regarding this card lmao but thought i shouldn’t be writing an entire essay here😇

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