15TH Anniversary Pikachu Full art question

Hey, I’m new here, so hello everyone :blush:
I have a quick question regarding the Japanese 15th Ann Pikachu full art.
Does anyone know the general pricing please?
For ungraded nm/mint
Graded psa 9
Graded psa 10

I’m looking to purchase one as they look awesome, but want to be getting a fair price.Any input would be greatly appreciated :blush:

Thanks again


Hey Greg!

The good news is that you and should easily be able to find their value from eBay sold listings. =)

Raw copies on eBay seem to be around $100-120. PSA 10 ranges around $195 to $299 so there’s a big gap depending on the seller. This is the cheapest PSA 10 copy I saw: www.ebay.com/itm/Pokemon-Pikachu-15th-Anniversary-Japanese-Promo-Full-Art-PSA-10-GEM-MINT-/271928327972?hash=item3f5030ff24:g:fkwAAOSw9N1VotPs

I didn’t see any PSA 9’s for sale right now but that will probably be more close to the price of a raw one. I found one sold PSA 9 which was sold for around $130. I hope that helps a little bit. :blush:

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Ok thank you, ive been offered one for £121 for a psa 10 one which is about $156 ish dollars.I think its a great deal!, what do you think?

I always check the sold listings on ebay to gauge but there doesn't seem to be a great spread(unless I'm searching the wrong terms ha)

That’s a fair price. I bought my copy for around $140 I think over a year ago now.