Any/All Natta Wake

Willing to purchase the Natta Wake Set: Either the Mag with the card or the cards by themself. Completed, or individual.

any leads would be greatly appreciated.

where ate you from.I have one up on Ebay sealed with the mag

Im in Texas. Is the jynx sealed mag yours?

Do you happen to have anymore?

Yes, it’s mine. that’s the only one I have. the mag itself has its original factory wrapping and it’s never been opened. I haven’t seen any mag sealed like this before, so I believe it’s really rare to find one in the condition I have it in. if you want more pictures let me know.

and yes this is mine…

I have all 6 Natta Wake cards PSA graded on eBay auctions right now. They are ending within the next few hours and are fetching very low prices currently. Let me know if that’s something you are interested in.

The cover art looks amazing if you compare it to the Trainer’s magazine ones :open_mouth:
cool auction!

What’s up with people not liking poor jynx? :rofl: No, seriously as I told you before those were some great auctions you put up. I tried to win the Masakis but ended up beeing outbid in the last seconds :confused:

I know :slightly_frowning_face: $10 only hahah. The kicker is that that very Jynx was removed sealed from an envelope that I paid over $30 for AND I had it graded after that.

I have learned my lesson, I will unfortunately not be listing Japanese promos via auction any longer. I was testing the markets but it just doesn’t work. I sold a PSA 10 McDonald’s Pikachu BIN for $120 in less than 24 hours a few months ago. On the other hand, the auction for the same card sold for half. Lesson learned the hard way.

Thank you for bidding only auctions, I appreciate your business :blush: If I can help you find any cards then send me a quick PM


I have 5/6 no pikachu. Offer please.

I have the opportunity to buy a Pikachu. How much are you wanting to spend on it?

I have the first four volumes, all brand-new/sealed. PM if interested.