Complete Masaki Mailaway Campaign Set

I have put up a complete Japanese Masaki set with all five mailaways and the Pass Card. The link is below but also willing to entertain offers here on this site and establish a name for myself. I know I listed it very high at $380 and I am not expecting that much. I put the best offer feature that way I can get a realistic reasonable offer while still having the high price listed in case I get lucky and someone really really wants the set no matter the price. (I wish)

I am sure most of you already have this amazing set tucked away for safe keeping in your private collection. This has always been some of my favorite artwork and I love this set but I already have another one and no point in keeping two if there is another fan in need.

I am also up for trading as I really need the Japanese PLAY Espeon and Umbreon to complete my gold star shining set. I realize I will have to compensate money (on my end of course) for the difference in value but that can be negotiated depending on card and condition.

Thanks for looking.


Update: I would also trade for the 500pt GET club Eevee

The masaki set is wonderful but you probably sell it for $175-$180. I have the set and paid like $30 a piece on each one.

yea the set is very good but you wont get the 380 for the whole collection.each of them go for around the 20-40 a piece.

Yes I know that. As I said the price is set high because I am looking for offers. I was expecting about 40 each plus 20 for the Pass Card for a total of around 220

I’d be interested in a set. However, I am only looking for minty mint cards. Is your other set all mint? Btw, I don’t need the pass card. I’d offer $200 shipped (incl. tracking and insurance) for a full set of 5 minty mint Masaki cards.

“I would personally call this cards at least near mint.” :stuck_out_tongue:

This particular set is near mint. The only card with any sort of noticable wear is Alakazam which I took a picture of the corner. There may be very faint dots on a couple cards but nothing drastic that I can see. And I am sorry but my other set which is brand new absolutely mint is not for sale. I also cannot break the set up so the Pass Card has to be included. Thanks for the interest though