Complete Masaki Campaign Set

I just relisted my Masaki Set with all five holos plus the Pass card on ebay with an auction style listing starting at $.99. Please take a look and bid if interested.

I will also be adding several cards this weekend including:

-Japanese Natta Wake Birthday Pikachu and Sealed 2nd edition Birthday Pikachu

-Sealed 1998 Quick Starter Red vs Green

-Grand Party ith priginal envelope and contents

-Tons of Japanese holo, lv x/ex, shining, promo cards

Update: I also added a couple other listings. Please cheack if anyone is intested. I am willing to sell cards individually.

@87iceman3711 - Do individual cards include the [2007 WC Flareon, 011/108] and [2007 WC Jolteon, 027/108]? If so, what is your asking price? Thanks!

Yes I can sell them individually after the auction expires in a couple days if the whole lot doesn’t sell. I am hoping around $35 each

Out of curiosity, providing the auction does not sell, how much are you looking for the complete southern islands set and 2000 Battle Roads promos?

I don’t know. I have been getting mixed opinions on the value of the Battle Road set. I see some priced ridiculously high which is what I don’t expect but I was hoping they would be worth maybe $50? And the Southern Islands around $40? Let me know if you have an offer in mind. And if anyone has any opinions on what a good price ofr both of us to be happy thn I would appreciate a reply very much. Thanks

That is a bit more than I was looking to spend on them but not too out of line. I Saw on cardcollector the 2000 battle roads promos for 10 pounds each so about 15 USD per card (30 for the set). The southern Islands I would say about 35. Let me consider, I will PM you either way within a few days if they do not sell. I just bought all three victory cups and I’m in the middle of completing all three vending sets. It just depends how much the last few cards will cost.

Well, I am pretty set on $35 each gold star card. But as far as the Charizard I would entertain offers. I have never even seen another one to compare pricing to. What were you thinking?

It looks like his lot will sell on eBay.

It did…a month ago.

Yeah, I vaguely remember seeing that auction some time last month. Btw, who was the buyer with the 5000+ feedback score?

Ended: Oct 31, 2011

Is that a month ago in your timezone? Is that you Doc Brown? ;D

Hahahaha I liked that! No, I thought his maskai set ended on the fifth.