Complete masaki Set for sale


im selling my masaki set on ebay

here is the link to it -

it is listed for 450 plus delivery but ill take 375 delivered outside ebay if anyone is interested from here.

WAY too expensive. Like way, way way too expensive.

I’ve got mine for less than half that price (with the original inserts and envelopes) and even that was expensive :confused:

I have to agree with dogma. Here is one from Brian japan that has been up for over a year.

Considering what i paid for them 5-6 years back i think the price is ok the ebay price is considering the fees etc. Brians set was probably cheap anyway when he bought his still probably making profit if he sells it at that price wheras i wouldnt.

Quite frankly, that’s not the concern of the buyer. Anyone with a bit of sense will see cheaper options and not go for yours

Exactly. I understand your position, I have been in situations where I paid good dollar for cards and want to make a profit/get a good return but if buyers are not buying brian’s at half the price they won’t look at yours for double :confused:

I think realistically right now the set would optimistically hit low $200’s in auction.

What might help you is adding an offer option. You can have a minimum in mind and just accept a good offer that might come your way.

another thing is some of the maskai cards have poped up on ebay from time to time and their end value is low compared to back in the days

Yh true if there is a cheaper one going most likely they would go for that.

I did have the offer part to it so ill let you all know if i get any decent offers.

To be fair if i dont really mind if i dont get to sell it i just put up to see if i could sell it or get any decent offers for it.

That sounds good! I do that as well, just list things that I am not really in a hurry to sell and don’t mind if it sits for months, patience is always a virtue in collecting.

Yh that is true patience is the key in matters like this.

Thanks for the advice ill let you know what offers come in.

So its been a few weeks its been up there and yesterday i got an offer for 260 so i took it.

And it was a private deal so ill save in the fees as well .

Congrats! I would say that is a pretty good price. I would accept that as well if I had a spare set.


im just having one problem if anyone of you have ever had this let me know

the person has paid he has over 200 positives with no negatives so he is trusted but his payment is being held by paypal for a review which hasnt happend to me before so ill have to wait till paypal give me the go ahead to send the item to him.

Woah, that’s way high! Congrats, that’s good going.

I had Paypal review my payments because of a new card, so hopefully it should be fine. Contact the seller to see whats going on?

thanks i was suprised when i got the offer my self

on his paypal account it say cleared but as the seller paypal has advised not to send them yet until they do there checks on the paypal payment

Maybe contact paypal to find out what’s going on? It might be just random testing, or it might be more sinister than that.

You’ll get it sorted hopefully. I totally get you’d want to get this great offer sorted if possible though


Very odd. I’m confused too!

I am too

So weras we priced it at near 200

it is only worth what people offer or want to pay.