Looking for Complete Masaki Mailaway Campaign Set

I am looking to purchase a completed Masaki set. All five holo cards and if you have the Pass Card that is even better. All cards need to be at least near mint. Please email me with your asking price and let’s see if we can work out a deal. I can pay immediately. Thank

replied to your PM…

I also have some stuff to trade if interested.
Singles include:
-Shadowless 1st ed base set holos- the ones I have left are listed on my ebay page:


-near mint no HP error Dark Persian card
-mint reverse holo Skyridge crystal Charizard 146/144
-mint reverse holo crystal Crobat 147/144
-mint holo crystal Golem 148/144

Complete sets:
Jungle- most are 1st edition
two Gym Heroes sets
Base 2
Neo Genesis
Neo Discovery
Neo Revelations
Black Star Promo 1-53 including no HP error Dark persian
Japanese neo 3 Revelations with triple star shinings