Shining Magikarp 1st Ed PSA 9 + Natta Wake Pikachu PSA 9

Hey guys,
Ive got these two cards shown below that im looking to trade:

Could people first suggest what they think is a fair price if i were to list them on ebay?
Also if anyone is looking to trade them then please let me know what things you have. I dont necessarily want PSA cards in return, i collect only japanese things - XY-P promos, booster packs/boxes, magazines, so just shout out anything you’d like me to consider.

Thanks, Matt :grin:

Check my threads for what I have for trade, I’d love to own that nata wake

Hey dude could you send me a link so i can check your trade stuff please? I always have trouble finding stuff on here.

I see that you like pikachu… Do you have one of these?

I dont and would love one. Isnt that the one from one of the best sellers on ebay aka noodles

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