Japanese Promotional Pikachu...in French!

Hey guys,

Anyone want to tell me a little bit about this card?

It’s a French Pikachu promo…but not actually. As far as I know it is a Japanese promotional card released in 2000 to promote a Pokemon movie. I assume it was released in a Magazine. I read about this card somewhere once, how else would I know it existed :stuck_out_tongue:, but now I can’t find that resource. I have no idea where I read about it!

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Going off of that, I’d assume it was released as part of the “special expansion sheet available at the 7th Next Generation World Hobby Fair held in December 1997.”

Nope :wink: It’s not on Bulbapedia as far as I know. The world hobby fair copy is actually in Japanese.

Would it be this:

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WOW I must be blind!!! I knew I’d seen it somewhere!!! That’s the one, it was right in front of my eyes on Bulbapedia, no idea how I missed it.

Anyone have any idea of the rarity/value for one of these beauties? :blush:

I have seen only one set on eBay, sealed for $200+ as for loose ones I’ve seen 2-3 at most and are going for around $10 e/a, I don’t believe they’re ultra duper rare but it would be a nice addition to the collection. These seem to be glossy as they come like the Coro Coro promos:

Haven’t received my lose ones yet I’ll let you know once they do.

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I need a sealed one now this is now on my top 10 sealed item needs!

Sent you a PM. :blush:

Believe the card was an insert in July 2000 in GOTTA magazine. GOTTA wasa Japanese magazine started in Dec 1999 and in 2000 had inserts for Magic the Gathering and a couple of Pokemon cards. Besides the French Pikachu, they inserted an English Mew…The Mew was exactly like the Black Star #8 except is was glossy…had to be peeled just like the French Pikachu…not sure if they ever released any other Pokemon cards…I’ve never seen much info on either the French Pikachu or the English Mew

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Quick update, received my 2 French Pikachu promos, they are NOT glossy as weird as it sounds.