Grey stamped glossy pikachu?

Any info on this? Seems to have come from a peelable sheet due to the edge whitening. Was it a Japanese release?

This card doesn’t look quite right, the copyright on the bottom says 1995, 96, 98, 99 where as every scan of this including the 1st edition doesn’t have the 99 on it. Also the card is missing its blackstar promo number from the bottom right. the copyright text seems shifted to far to the right and the pokedex entry at the bottom replaces the words “could build and” with the word “can”.

i also thought the text looked off but that could be at the angle the picture is taken.

not saying this is fake it could be a real card i am not aware of, just seems to be a lot of differences with it.

It’s a real card. I had the info on it before (before = 2 weeks ago) but with exams and other stresses I’ve completely forgotten and am getting it mixed up with the peelable mew/pikachu EN/FR editions.

I’m 100% sure this wasn’t released in US/UK wherever, just Japan.

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Looks like a very nice card then, may have to track this post as this is the only card i have seen like this. Looks like there may be 3 of these then instead of just the WoTc promo 1 and the error.

It’s real. There’s also a grey stamp version of WotC promo #7 Jigglypuff that goes along with it. Bulbapedia has it listed under Unnumbered Promos as being from “April 1999 Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic (March 1999)”

just found this on it.

Pikachu 1 Gray Star (Japanese Card Stock) Coro Coro

so looks like it was a japanese release for Coro Coro.

found it on the_charizard_authority ebay help guild

more cards for me to add to my database and collect.

Thanks guys, will do some research into it now I know what it is. @jab2004 I have 3 of these if interested.

@quuador and @justinator are the big Pikachu guys right?

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Yes we are. And this is a real card.

There are 9 different versions of the Ivy Pikachu:

  • Regular English
  • Regular English with 1st edition misprint
  • Spanish World Collection 2000 stamp
  • Regular German
  • Japanese with Ken Sugimori as illustrator (Glossy)
  • Japanese with Keiji Kinebuchi as illustrator (non-Glossy)
  • English from the Japanese Glossy print, also known as Grey Print Ivy Pikachu
  • Regular English with unofficial Italian LPPCollecting stamp
  • Regular English with unofficial English LPPCollecting stamp

The English from the Japanese Glossy print (a.k.a. Grey Print) is the one you have in your picture.

For pictures of each of them (except for the LPPCollecting stamps) I can refer to @justinator 's collection, on his promotional releases page.



Kevin nailed it, thanks for the tag guys.


Thanks. Can’t remember how or when I got them, but pretty cool. Either of you have them without the edgewear?

Wow, that is a very comprehensive response! :blush:


Here is a picture with all 9 of them from my collection:

Sorry for the semi-bad quality…



Thanks for the list of cards and images these are the type of cards I never find information on if it wasn’t for all of you people

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Well, I have to thank @justinator for that. Without his website I wouldn’t even knew most of these cards existed, let alone that I had them in my collection… Some cards we are both still looking for I’ve never even seen pictures of.
Some cards I had never searched for without him. And some subtle details I would have missed without his website, like the ©1999/©1999-2000 Base Spanish Pikachus (I knew about the UK 4th print ©1999-2000 though), or the French Flying Pikachus, the Ivy Japanse Illustrator differences, four different codes for some Japanese EX sets instead of three, etc. etc.