Gray Star Jigglypuff WotC Promo(Glossy)

Hey all, this is my card, I’ve had it for a while. Recently, maybe 1-2 months ago, I found out that this card has some value to it, but I’m not sure why or exactly how much.

I was just trying to get information on this card, what it’s realistically worth, and why it’s rare, any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

It’s rare because it was released in Japan by Coro Coro, it’s worth around $60

I would say from $30-$60 depending on condition. There’s also the “Ivy Pikachu” Grey Star promo.

If you want to see the Ivy Pikachu one, I’ll take a picture. I have the set.

Thanks for the info everyone! I really appreciate :blush:. I’ve had this card forever and don’t really want it so I’m gonna sell it and get something I’d rather like lol, maybe a Japanese Neo 3 Shining Magikarp or Gyarados

how come it dont have a rarity symbol?

Promoa don’t have rarity symbols