Japanese glossy mew black star gotta magazine ???

Hello guys
I have just found a mew promo black star that is glossy
The standard version I know is standard and in Japanese is holo in fossil

Look likes from bulbapedia that the card was released as promo glossy in the gotta magazine

I have also a pika promo
With it

Condition on mew are nm the pika played

Someone can give me a rough idea of a potential value
Are common to find or is something hard to have



I do believe someone on the forum is looking for this card, don’t have a rough guesstimate but… I had the Pikachu Gotta and sold it via auction and its went for about $45~ USD, close to NM. So I guess you can work from there. These seem to be rather elusive promos.




Both are probably worth around 30-50 USD a piece in NM ungraded and are pretty hard to find. If they are still sealed they are worth more.

As for the Mew, if it is sealed defintely sell it to @skinst. If it isn’t, well you could still sell it to @skinst (didn’t you already had an unsealed one, skinst?)

I’m still surprised a French Glossy card (the Pikachu) was added as a Glossy Promo to a Japanese magazine. Makes no sense at all, but I like it… :confounded: An unique card in my Pikachu collection. :grin:


I want a mint one >>

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I’d be interested in both since they are 2 of the last 7 (soon to be 6) unnumbered promos I’m still missing. (Sorry skinst!)


I have sold the pika on facebook for 70$
The mew is still available condition exc/nm
You can message me if interested :blush:

Mind attaching a photos of the mew bud :blush:

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Did you end up selling it? How did you get for it?
I am looking for the glossy black star 8 mew as well, if anyone is selling one. Only one I am missing for my mew collection :blush:

I have all the gotta magazine cards and know a guy that just recently peeled one. He had a bunch of japanese magazines sealed and didn’t know what the card inside was. Turned out it was Gotta magazine and he peeled the mew out of it. I was soooo annoyed because he offered me the book and I turned it away because I didn’t know it was Gotta.

The Mint Mew is worth about 70-100 because it is so rare and niche.
The glossy english pika I have sold with the glossy english jigglypuff for 80 in EX and NM condition respectively as a package.
I bought the french pika from gotta on a whim when I searched ebay after learning about it and got it for 4 bucks! MINT! Still stoked on that one.

Someone right NOW is selling the pika on ebay for 43 or best offer in Ex-NM condition. I would grab it if anyone needs it. That’s kinda fair and only a handful appear usually in a year.

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I bought one about 3 weeks ago from a forum member on here for $150. It was a mint copy but slightly off-center.


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pm’d buddy

Comic GOTTA was published from December 1999 to July 2001 as a big brother of Corocoro comic.



Mew is Appendix to the comic GOTTA.

Recently Yahoo auction has also appeared.


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