Glossy Mew Promo 8 (blk star)

Looking for the origin of this Glossy Black Star mew.

any ideas?


Believe it was an insert in the Japanese magazine “Gotta” in 2000…besides the glossy Mew, they also had a glossy French Pikachu insert in 2000 …the Pikachu is mentioned in unnumbered Japanese promos in Bulbapedia …the “Mew” seldom gets any mention…I have a unpeeled one with the original “Gotta” magazine …the magazine had mostly magic cards as inserts…


Here are the unpeeled ones I purchased, they should be arriving next month:

Like avalanche mentioned, they were from Gotta magazine. :blush:

you guys rock, thanks so much for this!

Its been driving me crazy.

What an awesome card! Wish I could say I had one myself, congrats :blush:

Dude, get this graded! There are so few in the world! One is listed on eBay now. Psa9 listed for 750. This is def a good find