Target, Gamestop, Walmart Promo cards [Updated 5/13]

Just a reminder that today, 5/11/19, Target will be doing their Detective Pikachu promo card (Psyduck) + movie poster giveaway between 10AM to 1PM (your local time). You can also use the Pokemon Pass App to receive a shiny Pikachu or Eevee for your Let’s go Pikachu/Eevee game using the QR code, also available in store only.

Additionally, Gamestop has already started giving away their Snubbull promo card as of 5/10/19 according to the Pokemon website.

UPDATE 5/13: Walmart will be handing out Bulbasaur on May 18 from 11AM to 4PM (your local time)


Sooooooo these things gonna be rare at all or nah? :stuck_out_tongue:

Walmart is giving away Bulbasaur on the 18th. I don’t know if they’ve set aside a particular time of day for the event, but I imagine you could grab one any time on that day. Pretty sure they’ll be handing them out in the electronics department, like Target is doing today.

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I was more interested in getting this from Target today :blush:


Thank you! At least someone knows what they’re talking about! I have called all 5 Walmart’s in my area and they apparently are all incompetent! When I have to tell walmart when Walmart is getting something, you know there’s something wrong…

also in regards to rarity, nah they ain’t gonna be rare. Target allows people to take up to 3 promos per day. GameStop allows 1 per day. With Walmart, who knows? I could take the whole case and they probably wouldn’t notice…


Got my Psyduck promo today. Gonna save this puppy for 50 years and maybe it’ll be worth $5 by then


I was able to get 11 copies today. My position is very strong on this one! :stuck_out_tongue:

The centering on only one of my copies seemed decent though so don’t be surprised if this might just be the next big thing!!1one!!1

I am definitely not looking forward to getting Bulbasaur though, oh well.

Check the dumpsters the night of/the morning before.

Flood the market.

These promos seem super super common. I’m going to pass on ever owning any.

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So if they weren’t common would you be saying you’re going to own all of them?

That’s a tough one. I don’t like owning cards from normal sets because I view most of them as not very rare. So no I wouldn’t own any because it’s too available. In the event a single card was ultra rare and hard to grade by PSA with a low to reasonable pop count then I might buy it.

They’ve been out in the UK for about a month now. They’re not time-gated either like the US release.
For anyone in the UK:

  • Any Pokémon purchase at GAME will award 1 promo Psyduck. Posters are free, regardless of a purchase.
  • Any Pokémon purchase at Smyth’s will award 1 promo Snubbull, a poster and a cardboard binder-type thing.
  • Any Pokémon purchase at Waterstone’s will award that many promo Bulbasaur cards and a poster - that is to say, if you buy 5 boosters you will receive 5 promo Bulbasaurs.

Will these be rare? No chance.

Here’s a picture I shared on Discord 4 weeks ago:


The baller69’s on a particular FB group are saying you can take the entire box of promos and the staff won’t care.

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Endorsing theft, nice!

What made you think I condone those actions?

Not necessarily endorsing theft? I know quite a few people who have either worked or work in a store/theater that after the promotion the management doesn’t want to simply throw out the products and encourage their staff to take the box(es) home? It all depends sometimes organizations are sticky and need an inventory of what didn’t get distributed shipped back but often times they don’t…

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Yuck, what an ugly Bulbasaur sorry O.o

Updated OP with Walmart’s time/date for the Bulbasaur promo giveaway. May 18th between 11AM to 4PM, based on your time.

Nothing, the statement was towards those people on virbank.

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