Target Buyers Beware!

Recently went to Target to buy a Yveltal EX promo tin, when I got home and opened the tin it was missing half the booster packs(only had two instead of 4). It was sealed just like every other tin I’ve bought so I’m guessing it happened at the factory.

Well I went back to Target to explain them what happened and they refused to help me, saying since the product was opened i couldn’t return/exchange it. I told them ten times It was defective since it didn’t come with all the packs but they just refused to help.

So I went on their social media help to try and see if they could help me out and they told me this is their policy, which I had never heard of.

"Hi - We understand your disappointment with the collectible trading cards. Per our return policy, open or defective collectibles (e.g., sports cards, special edition Barbie dolls, porcelain dolls, action figures and die-cast cars) cannot be returned. We apologize, but we won’t be able to help with a return or exchange. Thanks. - Karen "

Apparently if you get a defective item they will not help you at all.

Wasted so much time, thankfully when I contacted Pokemon they offered to fix the issue for me since Target refused to.

Sorry to hear this happened to you, but at least Pokemon is going to make amends.

Other big retailers have similar policies so it’s good to keep this in mind wherever you buy cards.


I have never heard of this, wish they would post it in their card section.

I can see why it can be a problem with all the people who mess around with their items, so I dont blame them but still for honest people it sucks. Especially since I highly prefer Target over other retailers.

I also think (unless things have changed) some of the targets and walmarts don’t actually buy the product themselves, but rather have a company bring the product in.

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Honestly this can happen with any retail store. Now here your product was defective, but tampered products have a similar policy. I’ve heard several instances of tampered product showing up in Walmart and Target. In one instance, a small Poketuber found a Magearna box at Walmart where all the promos had been replaced with common cards and the packs had all been opened. He took it to customer service and explained, and they did not give a crap. The box was later put back up on the shelf.

If you ever find tampered Pokemon Cards in a retail store, I’d suggest finding the nearest trash can and disposing of it. Otherwise it will end up in the hands of a ripped off child. That or completely dismantle the product, take the cards into the camping section, find a lighter, set the cards on fire, and scatter the ashes.

(Efour and myself are not responsible for you being kicked out of the store or arrested.)

Just as a warning: It could be many months before pokemon sends you compensation and it may not be what you thought you were getting. There are some pretty wild stories out there from Pokémon product replacement. Haha

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