Receiving wrong/missing items from tcgplayer market?

Recently ordered some items from tcgpglayer from various marketplace sellers and noticed some orders were wrong or missing items:

  • Light Azumarill 1st Edition (received unlimited)
  • 2x Dark Ampharos 1st Edition (Receive 1 of 2 cards)
  • Charizard & Braixen GX (Secret) - Receive non secret version of card.

I imagine mistakes like these are common? Has this happened to anyone else before and how are these usually resolved? I imagine sellers may have a lot of cards to attend to and could make a mistake in listing or shipment.

The sellers have good history and feedback , so I imagine either they forgot to pack the right card, or had it listed in the wrong section? I’ve sent the sellers messages and hope they can find out what happened. It shows the card as shipped and received, but either it’s the wrong card (2 occasions) or it’s just missing a card (1).

I had the first one occur before, received unlimited instead of 1st edition. It was pretty straight forward. TCGplayer contacted the seller, I returned the card and got a refund, but had to pay return shipping.

@smpratte, Good to know that tcgplayer can take take care of it. Did you have to buy tracking to return shipping?

Seems like the postage is more expensive then the $2 azumarill card(If it’s $4 shipping), and almost same price as Charizard Braizen Gx. I hope seller finds the right cards and sends them.

I did have to pay for the postage.

Send the seller a message. Sellers are responsible for providing a prepaid method of return if they send the wrong item. If they don’t respond within 24 hours or refuse to resolve the issue, you can open a request through TCGPlayer support. Their resolution process is pretty solid.

Generally, the more vintage of a card you buy, the higher the chance it won’t be as advertised. I usually message the seller immediately after checkout asking them to verify the edition/condition of the card to avoid these situations.


@smpratte, if shipping is $4 tracked, its more expensive then the $2-4 gx card/unlimited version

@sizzlinshibe, I am waiting for seller respond and verify if they have it in stock. I would prefer to get the right card then have to do refund process.

Sounds like this is common for tcgplayer sellers that have higher volume/older cards, hae received cards from others and they were as advertised

It’s happened to me multiple times on TCG player(unlimited Machamp vs shadowless, etc.) I usually would contact the seller first, and if they didn’t respond then I contacted TCG player.

@bdog07, Ok. Is it quick process if tcg player is involved? I will wait until Friday (tomorrow) for responses before contacting tcg player.

They are generally pretty good about moving quickly, but hopefully the seller just takes care of it.

I’ve had the wrong card sent to me before. One time I ordered a FA Manectric EX and whoever I ordered from sent a promo Manectric instead. I immediately messaged the seller directly and they said they were sending out the correct card right away, and a pre-stamped and addressed PWE to send back the incorrect card in. Everything worked out great in the end and I got my card.

This is taken from TCGPlayer’s website, "2) All orders are checked for accuracy before being shipped, but it is still possible for mistakes to happen. If you have accidentally received item(s) that you did not order or items you ordered are missing, simply contact the seller within 48 hours of receipt. It is the seller’s responsibility to supply the buyer with a pre-paid method of return for the merchandise (which includes envelope, return address, and postage) or to reship any missing items. Once the seller receives the returned merchandise, in the same condition it was sent, they will issue you a full refund."

This part is another quote from the site in the case the seller doesn’t respond, "After you send a message to the seller, TCGplayer is directly involved and monitors the message to make sure you receive a response. If they have not responded after 24 hours, we contact the seller. If they have not responded after 48 hours, contact us. After 72 hours without a response, we’ll escalate the message to our customer service team. From there, we work directly with the seller, and if they are still not responding, we’ll step in to resolve the problem on your behalf and issue full or partial refunds if your order has not arrived or is not as described."

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Thank you for posting that disclosure. What is PWE? @khairis

I’m hoping sellers sort it out. Tcgplayer market has been great to find items

A PWE is just a plain, white envelope. Overall I wouldn’t worry about, at the very least, receiving your money back. One issue I DO keep running into with TCGPlayer is that I’ll place an order and then receive a cancellation within a few days because the seller can’t find it, or it’s not in stock. Probably happened like 3 or 4 times in the last year. I get really excited when I place an order, and then kind of sad when I find out that nothing is coming after all.

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As previously stated, message the seller and they’ll resolve it

I ordered a regirock ex from hidden legends awhile back from a seller on tcgplayer and received a NM regice ex from hidden legends(funny enough, he’s the more expensive one)

Messaged the seller saying I know it was an honest mistake and that everything is all good. Seller ended up telling me that I could keep the Ice and they’d ship me the regirock too for free for the inconvenience.

Not saying that same type of thing will happen for you but just message the seller and be polite and they’ll resolve it pretty quickly more often than not

You must find great deals @khairis, that they are sold out/ oos when you get to it. :blush: GLad it’ll be sorted out soon. I purchased a volume and only small percentage was different than advertised.

That was very nice of you @23lugia23, and cool you were able to get a positive solution that exceeded your concerns.

Maybe I get lucky. Will keep thread updated

I have around 2000 orders on tcgplayer. If you took a look at my message box, it’s an endless compilation of issues and refunds. Tcgplayer has very competitive prices but has some of the most uninformed sellers around. There are a lot of non pokemon people (selling MTG or Yughio) who don’t know what a shadowless card is or think that all base cards are 1st edition, etc. To make it worse, the overwhelming majority of cards being sold do not include pictures. This is great for the seller as they can upload mass quantities of cards onto the website but not so great for buyers who don’t always know what to expect. If you get the wrong card sent to you in the mail, the seller is responsible for fixing it. I have never once had to pay return shipping and quite frankly, I won’t. If the seller does not respond within a few days, tcgplayer automatically steps in and refunds the item. As far as buyer protection goes, it won’t get much better than tcgplayer. 10x better than T&T.

Here is what you should do from now on if you plan on using tcgplayer. Keep an excel sheet with every buyer you purchase from. Keep record of what grades you buy and what grades you end up getting as well as any other notes. At this point, I have over 300 sellers that I have bought from and I know exactly what to expect from each of them. I also know which ones have sold fake cards, have poor grading standards, can’t distinguish shadowless cards, as well as companies that I know their HP cards are actually LP and MP is more like a Mint (It does happen! These are my gold sellers.)etc. etc.


Great advice. That is quite organization to excel how the cards came, quite the extensive process too!

I will continue to use tcgplayer., has been great so far. So far one seller has responded and provided refund and seeking solution for missing card. I agree, have purchased from T&T and they are more hit/miss. Recieving fake cards would not be to great though.

lol the yugioh magic guys may misrepresent items accidentally. Oh well, still great service.