I think I got hosed on ebay! My own fault?

Hey crew,

So I recently purchased this collection of cards on ebay. I thought it would be a good way to get some common and uncommon cards for the binder sets I’m collecting and give out the rest.


First, I feel hosed. I don’t expect much pity but I do feel the listing picture depicted a different set of cards, mainly shadowless base set. Moreover each stack of cards was accompanied by an opened pack. Putting my thinking hat on I made the bad judgement, like many others bidding I presume, that these were somewhat pack fresh. They are clearly not. Also putting the shadowless card on top, knowing that would give more bids, knowing full well that under them are all base 2,unlimited and japanese. Same for all the 1st edition fossil, the only cards that are 1st edition are the few, front and center, you see in the listing. Everything else is not 1st edition. Yet all the opened packs are 1st edition packs minus the actual cards. I feel like I was setup.

Just called ebay, currently in the resolution stage.

I know I made some mistakes but I do feel like this was staged with malicious intent.



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Honestly, reading the listing. It was stated clearly multiple times and in caps that the condition was as is. In my opinion, it looked the seller did his/her due diligence to portray the listing.
The one thing I can say is the listing didnt give enough of a description… which then I would of contacted the seller to give me an exact list or a better description before buying. So you could possibly tag it for “product not as described”.

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Yea, I understand that. It will be a learning experience for sure. The wording is tricky as he’s selling the booster packs but the cards don’t match the packs. I still think it’s malicious in nature but I was the doop who bought it so…


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These kinds of lots are usually intentionally deceptive, I’ve seen it a lot where people will have stacks of cards and conveniently the top card of the stacks are all 1st edition/shadowless etc, they’ll always be easily viewable. Then all the rest of the cards are usually bulk and you get hosed overbidding thinking there’ll be plenty more 1st edition stuff in the rest of the cards when in reality there was only what you saw in the photos. It’s just a scummy way for people to flip bulk and get a premium.

Usually comes along with the standard ‘i bought these at a garage sale and know nothing about them, what you see is what you get, no returns’ line.


Completely understandable. It happens and I would recommend holding out if you cant find the specific listing of cards you are looking for. Sometimes you can get some good deals, but as most people say if its too good to be true, it most likely is. He definitely needed more of a description but I do see a lot of listings that replicate that in bulk listing because their are too many cards to list… I think the worst part is that pictures are hard to really know the condition :confused: and what your actually getting.

I think the images taken are slightly deceitful but it seems like you are mostly to blame for making big assumptions about the lot and not asking to seller to confirm any of them. If you had asked for pictures of the back before bidding you wouldn’t be in this situation


I can understand your disapointment, but they’re not advertised as pack fresh or even NM. Actually, the seller does not describe the condition at all. There’s also no pictures of the back. I guess you can say the seller is at fault here for lack of information, but it’s also up to you to ask questions.

Hope you get a partial/full refund, but worst case scenario you have a bunch of cards for about $0.36 each. It’s not the end of the world. Do your homework next time. :blush:

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Garbage tier listing. Whoever lists like that is trash.


As stated above this is mostly on you and it’s not really fair to put the whole transaction on hold because you messed up. It’s a learning experience so just take the loss and move on. As an eBay seller I know first hand how much it stinks to have a buyer want a refund when it’s clearly stated as no refunds and described properly.

Of course I would never describe it as poorly as this person did, BUT it’s the buyers responsibility to make sure they know what is being purchased. The listing was set up to be “as is” and unless graded the ungraded card is always a risk.

Sorry if this sounds salty but I just had a buyer return a graded card because he claimed it was damaged, but nothing was wrong with it. Make sure you know what you are buying before you buy it and be sure you want it.

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A couple good rules to live by:

Don’t buy lots and expect anything besides played.
Don’t buy lots period.
Only bid on what you can see…not what’s hidden behind or underneath. Get pictures of what’s hidden if you want to bid more,
Always assume the best stuff can easily be seen in the pics and only garbage is hidden,
Only buy from high rated, experienced sellers (this dude was only 13 rated and all as a buyer).


Condition: Used

Description: “I do not offer any guarantees of what types of cards you will receive or conditions of the cards.”

Not the best description or pics, but it looks like you received what was described. Though it doesn’t really matter since ebay would side with you regardless.

In most cases, sellers with keywords like “pokemon,” “collectibles,” “sales,” “gaming,” etc. in their username know how to make a listing look appealing to get max value from minimum quality.

he knew was he was doing and unfortunately you fell for it. the description has some really big red flashing warning signs :slightly_frowning_face:

For people that want to get into selling though have to have someone buy there stuff though right? How do they deal with that if everyone is only buying items from the sellers that have been around longer?

Communication is key here. I find it fun buying big lots like this. Sometimes there are little gems or surprises. A lot of the time the hidde stuff is junk, like what many have already said.

Simply ask the questions you need to before the auction ends. If the seller gives deceptive answers, ignores you / says they dont have time to look … then simply pass.

Just picked up this lot. There were a lot of cards not listed, including a few more holos. I asked the seller to describe the Zard and Shining Mewtwo. They seemed genuine in their lack of knowledge but said the Charizard had some whitening on the back, but no creases and very few scratches, and said the Mewtwo has only a little bit of white. Seller had zero feedback, but ebay protects you enough to get your money back. The Pidgeotto is 4th print and what looks to be in pack fresh condition, along with a 4th print Pidgey and Pokemon Trader … all little bonuses =P


Another fun little lot I grabbed just today. The scan makes it look like one of those generic crappy random lots, where you get 1 holo 1 reverse blah blah blah, but ill show you all these “hit” cards in the 1st pic.

  • 17 WoTc Holos
  • 19 EX / GX / Full Art
  • Celebi Prime
  • Darkrai and Cyrus Ultra Prism
  • Pop Series 9 Shattered Holo Raichu

For $0.29 a card I dont think I can lose!

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For the reasons stated. Look what happened to his deal. Inexperienced sellers are more likely to not follow, or understand, protocol. Also they have no reputation to tap into.

While I do think you should be careful to not fall for these things again, I agree with others that this seller was being intentionally deceitful and you should at least be able to return it on your own dime.

I don’t want to repeat like the others, but evidently don’t buy lots and expect mint condition, if things are hidden there’s a reason for that, etc.

HOWEVER, this product is absolutely not well described and intentionally deceitful. If the seller was truly clueless there was no way in hell that all top four cards in the pile was shadowless, and if you looked at the other listings sold there was a lot of intentional deceit in the listings.

Hopefully you’ll get out of this one with no issue.

You could argue and say the listing title says ‘1st edition card lot, 550+ cards’ when you only got around 30 1st edition cards from what I can gather? That’s less 10%. It is very misleading to say the least.

‘I tried to show you everything the best I could in the pictures’, no he didn’t.

‘I do not offer any guarantees of what cards you will receive’. What the hell does that mean. that would be my red flag there. Plus he wrote in capitals he’s had a problem with a previous buyer. As others have said if you don’t know the answer to something or if something is fishy looking in the listing always ask questions.

Hopefully you will come out with a part refund or return.

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On many card lots i noticed condition wise it always hit or miss. In your case i feel the listing is slightly misleading as joseph88 and others provide some good examples.
For the amount you payed, and for what you received:

  1. I would check their return policy and see if they accept returns
  2. You can open item not described case and describe the listing as misleading/ deceptive
  3. You can contact the seller and work out partial refund/ return.

On a side note, sometimes buying those 1000 card bulks or bidding on some can be lot cheaper, and you would have plenty more cards to give out or build up your personal collection. I saw a 2000 card lot end at 95$ last week!

I appreciate everyones feedback thus far. The saga continues…

snb_collectibles_unilimited sent you a message about your request:

"Hi I am sorry you are unhappy with your purchase but unfortunately we do not offer refunds. I saw in your message you said you did not receive the cards in picture or as described. To protect myself I video record packaging up the exact cards and items in the picture, sealing the box, and putting the shipping label on the box. If you take second look at the picture every visible card open pack and theme box is in the package you received. If you did not receive one of the empty packs,boxes,or cards visually shown in the picture let me know and we can resolve it. If you check the description I do not offer any guarantees of what types of cards you will receive or conditions of the cards the only guarantee was you get exactly what was shown in the picture. "



Even though the seller says “no returns”, i’m pretty sure ebay will still let you return for refund if you’re unsatisfied lol.