ebay disapointment :(

just thought id tell everyone about my disapointment so use all can have a laugh lol…

i just bought a “bargain” of ebay, it contained a german arcticuno, base set gyarados, rockets zapdos, latios, togitik, promo 1st movie zapdos, base set blastoise, and a few other good cards all for $25… got them this morning full of excitment to find that most of them are in the worst condition

cant even see the picture of the blastoise,
both zapdos are probs not even worth keeping, and the arcticuno wasnt holo :slightly_frowning_face:… so give us a reply and please tell me im not the only 1 whos been hurt on ebay :stuck_out_tongue: lol

I’ve received several cards from eBay that in the auction description they were said to be in mint condition and were not. If I spent a lot of money on the card I usually request my money back and some sellers will accept the cards back for a refund. What was the condition of the cards listed as?

Also, I won a ultra rare tournament promo (worth about $1000) for about $5. The seller never sent the card and never replied to any of my messages.

I bought 28 ex pokemon cards for $100 and I thought they were mint but the one I had the highest hops for was cut with scissors

My Biggest eBay disappointment was when I saw ‘my’ cards up for sale without my approval.

Regarding disappointing transactions, we all know the saying ‘if it’s too good to be true…’

@shpunto9 I’m curious you stated you ‘won’ the card by that do you mean it was up for bids correct? If that is the case did the seller have a reserve on them? It is highly unlikely that someone would put on ebay a $1k card and let it go for $5, well I’ve done worse :slightly_frowning_face:

What do you mean saw your cards?

@themagickookie My PSA trophy cards, the history of the fiasco is mentioned in detail by me and others in another thread on this site.

But how could you know know that your cards are on ebay would’nt have you known if you put them up

You didn’t read my detailed post about what happened to me regarding all of this, I’m not going to repeat it; read it under the ‘collectorcache’s’ thread if you want to know what I am talking about.

that makes me feel alot better thanks guys,
but its also got me worried, cause i just won the pass card promo, and 1st ed charizard none have reserve prices on them, if use want i could show use the link, and use probaly wont beleive the price i won them for lol


I had the highest bid of 3.10 GBP with no reserve on this card on eBay:

s728.photobucket.com/albums/ww282… trophycard.jpg

The card was of course not sent and the seller did not reply to my messages. If I were him, I wouldn’t have sent it either. I don’t know how it went under the radar without any other bids.


If the condition was stated as mint or new, and you received the cards in poor condition (and are unhappy about them), I would ask the seller for a refund if you send them back. If you paid with Paypal, you should have absolutely no problem getting a refund.

I’m sorry all I’m getting is a page that says I need to put a user name and password in. What was the trophy card?

Woops, I posted an incomplete link,

here is the full link (from Scott’s collection):


That card! that card! was going to be sold at 3.10 GBP :open_mouth:

I’m sorry who was the bloke who decided not to put a reserve on his or her auction?

Wow that card if he would have sent it would have been the deal of the lifetime

That would have been the third ranking deal of a lifetime regarding Pokemon that I am aware of after of course:

  1. me gifting my cards to the Silvestros and realizing that I had fucked up big time :slightly_frowning_face: :angry:

  2. the time way back in the day where if rumors be true Mike Boozer traded a Pr-R for a Gengar mail in vending promo card.

Yeah I know who that seller is. Nathan is shady but when money is involved you see everyone’s true colors. I bought a couple cards from him, but it is disappointing to see people that are like that. He should of put a reserve on the auction.

You know I thought it was my buddy Nathan, he sold me that magikarp card that you now own Scott. It took me like 2 solid weeks of email pestering for him to even communicate with me.

I had purchased the card off of him on a Friday, well my bank was closed and since it doesn’t do transactions over the weekend he decided to put it back up and then come Monday my money was gone and he still had the card up, finally got it however; fun times, fun times :grin: :slightly_smiling_face:

( Scott you didn’t buy that 4th place league promo from him, did you? He did try to sell it to me but I declined telling him it was too frustrating dealing with him and that I would never deal with him again.)

He started the bidding at 0.99 GBP, someone bid like 2.90 GBP on it, and I bid like 120 GBP, and won it for 3.10 GBP. I couldn’t believe it after the auction. But ya, he never sent it, so I left him some negative feedback. That would’ve have been the rarest card in my collection.

haha there was a problem in the rankings on the website, it is fixed now. If shpunto was god that would put a lot of religions out of business :wink:

Yes I saw, I saw with my own eyes that shpunto9 was indeed God :open_mouth: All that I believed in is now put to doubt and questioning :slightly_smiling_face:

However I guess Scott’s awesome karmic power dethroned my new God :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, reinasierpe did the seller of the jumbo cards mention what condition they were in? or was it damaging caused by shipping?

People this is why PSA is the way to go, If your PSA graded cards get damaged then you can blame it on anything else but the seller, oh wait Jumbo cards are not graded by PSA.

(To PSA grade pokemon jumbo cards and since I gave you props and an idea to increase sales in your service of grading please pay me $20M half of which will go to Scott so I may buy his trophy cards. PSA, I’ll be awaiting a PM from one of your many representatives :sunglasses:)