Your disappointing moments in collecting!

I see a lot of threads and even a section on showing off what your collection and buys. What about the opposite? What are the moments where you received or saw something disappointing, missed auctions or deals, etc.

Recently for me it was this: eBay

Woke up this morning. Saw it and pondered buying it, decided to go for it. Went to check out, was already bought out already. SO QUICK. Grr!

Also traded for a Kyogre EX Full Art. Was damaged in the mail, first time ever. Even the toploader was bent.

And of course buying through eBay, they list a bunch of cards I needed to finish some of my sets, as mint. Getting them and it end up being a heavily played cards, some scratched so much the holos barely even shined!

And furthest is when I first started with Pokemon cards as a kid, I didn’t know how to handle them. Of course none of the cards I first owned (and still have) are in mint condition. Young and reckless!

So what about you?

Hrm, there was one time a few weeks ago…
A user on youtube (Who shall remain nameless) had some Japanese VS Packs for sale…
$10 each!
Great deal!! But at the time, I had like little to no cash, so couldn’t afford all 9 packs…
Only walked away with 3, and another saw the deal themself and picked up the last 6 packs

I pulled some great cards mind you…
Lance’s Charizard, Aerodactyl, Gyrados
Karen’s Umbreon
Rocket’s Raikou

So it was nice, but still wish I could’ve opened the other 6 packs…
The other person if I remember, got stuff like Jasmine’s Steelix x 2, Skarmory, etc… Nothing as nice…

There have been many times when on LJ, browsing sales posts finding some real gems that have been sold already… We’ve all been there :dizzy_face:

Final point as of now…
Buying cards that are damaged…
There was another user on LJ selling cards such as Butler’s Kirlia for like 50 cents each, so naturally I picked them up… No real need for them, as I already had some from the Jirachi deck, I thought I might as well have kept a few for my collection, so I didn’t lose them like my Arceus movie half deck (Still rebuilding needing 2 arceus) but they arrived and were scratched etc…

ah yes VS cards the ones people want to complete but never can or missing the red/blue for me just missed a few auctions of gold stars for a good price but things happen i guess

Just lost an auction a couple days on Yahoo Japan! I bid on a PokeDude promo through Noppin and got outbid by another Noppin member. Because it was another Noppin member they didn’t have to pay the next bid amount above my max bid. The auction ended for about $75, which is a ridiculous steal. :slightly_frowning_face:

I know this is old… and sorry for picking that thread out but was that a Festa Promo PokeDude? :open_mouth:

Getting outbid on the auction for the #1 SSB on Yahoo Japan because I was drunk :slightly_frowning_face: lmao!

Yeah I know :stuck_out_tongue: sad moment in my life ahahh

Haha may day=made, thanks Jason and pkm12 :wink: I feel sorry for you anyways…would have been a great addition :blush:

sealed neo destiny booster box for £90 shipped and I was one day away from being paid…I was £40 short. Got BIN’d within the hour.

I felt like crying :slightly_frowning_face:

Two words - Credit Cards :wink:

Two words - Financial Crisis :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha possibly, if your silly with them!

I actually only use them to get up my credit score. So like when I’m applying for a mortgage or whatever in the future I have a decent record.

I mentioned them since you have ~30 days to pay it back so if you don’t have money and you are getting it like Fizzy said it can be very helpful. :grin:

I tried! It was immediate payment required. They had some other nice boxes too, ex deoxys and unseen forces, but that was the best one.