Early bird gets the worm.

Rarely do I feel the need to vent but this kinda disappointed me.

One week ago I found a Near-Mint/Mint __________'s Mew for $30 USD. I couldn’t afford it due to some unexpected expenses, but today after getting extra funds I went to make a purchase and saw that it had sold. Whoever got it, I am incredibly envious.

Anyone else ever miss out on a great deal?

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I’ve missed out on tons… ;__;
Not that great but.

way too often…

Tons…most recently I kicked myself for missing jumbo captain pikachu at less then $40 and a crystal kabutops for less then $15. : ( sometimes , I just forgot or get the timing off.

1000 times here too lol.

Oh yes. What is worse is when you buy something that could wait, depleting your cash pool and then something absolutely unmissable turns up. I kinda have to forego Ebay for a while after that happens - eat enough ice cream to stifle my incessant whinging.


We are kindred spirits @bagoly14 - ignorance is bliss.

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Out of interest this wouldn’t happen to be the one on cardcollector-uks website would it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, yes! But I just double-checked and the card was actually Very Good/Near-Mint. Still a steal for that price, but I am not as terribly disappointed as I was at first. Plus a lot of these stories really remind me that this is a normal part of collecting.

You win some, you lose some. I remember losing out on a JP 1st Ed crystal Ho-oh a few months back for 1,500 Yen BIN… this along with all the other Crystal PKMN… from the same guy which I purchased my JP 1st Ed. Crystal Charizard.

Oh well…

Haha, yeah unfortunately everyone misses a deal one in a while… Tbh I don’t know why it was listed as very good/nm as I can find one incredibly minor flaw on a front corner. Apart from that it seems gem mint to me.

@cujucuyo Ahh, that is unlucky mate, that would have been a great price as the crystals are amazing cards!


That doesn’t sound bad at all! At the very least, I am happy to know you got it for yourself. It’s one of those cards I’ve been meaning to get for awhile but can’t justify paying fair market value on it.

@cujucuyo, that is the truth. Hopefully we all win more than we lose. :blush:

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www.ebay.com/itm/181334719365 :sob:

I think I’ll simply stop counting how many times I fell asleep at ending auctions because friggin time shift forced me to stay up until 4 a.m.

I’ve stayed up for auctions I’m winning , time runs out I assume I’ve done (watching it, ) only to then be notified SORRY YOU DID NOT win, as despite even refreshing It did not update with other bids etc… lol or someone last minute enters a silly bomb bid to explode your offer and win,this tempted me to put silly maximum bids, but then I thought no because a) it’s a binding contract and then I will have to buy it if someone does jack it up and b) it’s not worth it, I did do this on a job lot i really wanted containing like 6 charizards, 1 base set, rest ex, but all MINT, and other various rare, but i put an amount I WOULDN;T mind paying, aswell as them it has around 1000 other cards ,lol when it arrives I’m gonna see the full spoils