First Ever MAJOR eBay Issue

I have been buying and selling on eBay for 8+ years now. In that time, I’ve had a few minor issues on eBay; however, nothing that I wasn’t able to easily resolve - all resulting in Positive Feedback. Well, that streak ended today - and I am PISSED!

I stumbled across this eBay Listing last week:

After multiple eBay Messages back-and-forth with the seller, I was able to get a few additional details about the collection - seller did not know a lot about Pokemon cards, but said: 1,500+ cards, 200+ shiny (holo-foil) cards - in pages/binder, and that he was looking to get-rid of the collection ASAP. So, I offered the seller $500.00 plus Shipping and he accepted - paying via PayPal almost immediately. I messaged the seller asking when he’d mail these cards and he said Tuesday (Monday Holiday). So, all-in-all I was really satisfied and looking forward to what I’d be getting within this collection!

Well, that attitude quickly changed this morning when I went to the Post Office to pick-up my package. First off, the seller just threw all cards into a Large Flat Rate Box with no care and/or protection whatsoever - cards were easily rattling around within the box! I’ve experienced this poor packaging a few times in the past - it sucks; however, at this point, I’m still content. I open the box and start digging for that binder of holographic cards - digging, digging, and digging… There’s no binder and/or pages to be found! After searching through all the loose cards, there’s just one Base Set Charizard card - ZERO OTHERS!!!

Now I’m getting really mad; I was looking forward to this collection! So, I message the seller this morning:


I received this package in the mail today. However, there’s a few issues I’d like to address ASAP…

1.) The Packaging… That was absolutely terrible! I received the package looking like you had just thrown cards into the box, taped it closed, and mailed it. There was no bubble wrap, newspaper, and/or packing peanuts to protect all these cards from bouncing around. Luckily, the cards look to be in pretty decent shape still, so we can move on from that.

2.) There seems to be A LOT of missing cards… I only received one (1) of the four (4) Charizard cards . And the binder you have pictured full of holographic cards isn’t included… I know you don’t have much knowledge of Pokemon, but 95% the value is in those few items.

Did you mail this collection in two separate packages?

You need to contact me ASAP and let me know what’s going on here.

Thank You!


Well, that seller responded with these messages:

That’s a scam I packed all the charizards and made a video of me packing everything. And sealing it with the postal inspector. Please return all my cards…

And Then:

Just to let you know your attempting to commit mail fraud which is a felony…

And Finally:

I’m contacting the police if anything is missing, when you return…I have video

Like WTF?!?!?! Is that what this seller calls “customer service” - that’s no way to begin a discussion on an issue that could have been resolved! I AM NOT someone who’s trying to make an extra buck by claiming I didn’t receive something when I actually did! To be honest, I was fine paying $500.00 for this collection; I din’t think twice about it!

Needless to say, I’ve open an “Item not Described” case against this seller and WILL leave Negative Feedback once this issue is resolved!

Like Seriously? What is wrong with this seller???

Contact eBay and start a return. Returns are simple and 99% of the time eBay is on the buyers side of things. (In my experiences)

I’m sorry this happened. Stupid shit like this is so annoying…


Hope everything turns out great.

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As @pottsinator stated, continue with the claim for not as described. That way, the seller can also upload their apparent video they can’t stop mentioning.


Follow through with the eBay case. He’s just trying to scare you so that you won’t do anything about the situation. You should also block him from trying to revenge bid/buy your items.


The thing about videos is they too can be easily faked.

They’re not going to use FBI level computer technology to diagnose the legitimacy.

I see a potential intelligent scam coming on. This is why I video every single opening I do.

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The username was on the link… ebmatt75

Very odd situation here. The seller is a high rated, perfect rated, experienced card seller of many high end sports card items. His acting like this is totally not characteristic of someone with his reputation. It’s almost like a little brother or son hijacked his account. Very odd behavior for sure.


That’s what I’m worried about right now… IF this seller wanted to scam someone, he could easily videotape the packaging, taping, and printing of the postage label. Then, when he’s stopped video-taping; open the package, remove the binder, and re-tape the package! Sure he’s got him placing everything into the package, but he’s missing the part where he removed the binder at the end!

Personally, I don’t think he has a video of packaging - I think that’s a load of S*** - only time will tell though…

I think I might have to take your advice on recording everything I open though, especially when it comes too these higher-value packages. And, while I’m hoping it won’t come to this point, my family was there when I opened this package and realized what was missing. Would it help at all, that I’m not sure about. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that point!

I Know! Based upon his feedback and items for sale, I really didn’t think I’d have anything to worry about!

The seller lives in Las Vegas though, I might have to send you over to pay him a visit Gary Haha JK!


I’m almost positive I did business with that seller several years ago, when buying some baseball cards. The transaction went great.

I’m totally on your side, @oldskoolpokemon, but I wonder if perhaps the seller is telling you the truth and was taken aback by your message (hence the defensive tone he takes). Maybe the parcel had been riffled by a US Postal Service employee. That might even explain the jumbled mess in which the cards arrived.

If the seller insured the shipment, there should be no worries for either of you. You’ll undoubtedly get back your payment from PayPal, and the seller will be able to collect insurance. I hope that’s the case for both of you.

Doesn’t insurance only work if the package is lost or damaged?