Can I return this

In excitement browsing fresh eBay listings I instantly bought this
Solely because I only looked at the pictures and everything checked out. I hadn’t noticed it said opened in the description and I would have never bought it had I known it was.
Give me your thoughts

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You can force eBay to make the seller return it. Ebay would side with you. But it would be an abuse of the eBay money-back guarantee. Frivolous returns of this nature would result in many members here auto-blocking you. You made the mistake of not reading properly. You admit it. The seller offers no returns.

I would personally email the seller and be honest about the situation to see if he’ll willingly cancel the order. If he doesn’t, then the right thing to do would be to eat the loss.


I hate people listing Opened packs for like 40% of the value or higher. OPENED BUT MINT PACKFRESH CARDS INSIDE…aka “its trash and not worth what I paid, please fix this and get zero excitement out of opening the pack!”. Technically you can return it, but you did get what you paid for.

I don’t think the seller is wrong here, it literally says it in the title that the packs were opened.
Now if the seller is selling garbage or not is a different topic.

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Yeah I don’t buy the idea that the seller is not at fault. Those photos are 100% misleading. If you can’t represent your product accurately with photos you are just opening yourself up to this kind of return. I wouldn’t blame the buyer for wanting their money back.

But obviously some fault lies at the hands of the buyer. The description is explicit about what you’re receiving and the title does say “OPENED”. Hopefully OP learns to be more careful before just hitting the buy button. If I was in the situation I would request a return and offer to pay return shipping.


It depends…

Is there a reverse holo Larvitar in the EX Dragon Frontiers pack???

if so, keep the packs

I can’t blame the seller at all but I do agree with pfm’s solution. Return and pay all fees.

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Here’s his response to what I said

The seller feels for you but because of your hasty mistake, the open packs are now yours to keep or resell. Learn from this and move on.

the packs are worth like 5 bucks - if that - unfortunately lol

These aren’t worth shit, and the unfortunate thing is if you’re just browsing through listings it doesn’t say opened in the title til you click on the picture.

Well, I think your return offer was more than reasonable.

You have two options at this point. One is to suck it up and take the L and move on. The other is to open an “item not described” case and continue to push the return. I think you’ll see a people split on what is the most appropriate option so it’s really up to you at this point


Just do as he says and sell it yourself

Didn’t see anyone leave feedback for any of the older ones sold, his response seems more of a “tough luck, your problem now”.

Clearly he doesn’t believe the item is worth what he sold it for, as he won’t even take $20 for free. I feel like this is the first time the transaction has gone through and he finally sold it after 8 attempts, but I could be wildly off. I just cannot see this being worth more than $20-$30.


Agreed, I hate his response, not how I would’ve handled it. Open up a case on eBay and see what happens if you feel wronged.


I see one big problem with the seller’s listing: everything is in capital letters. I’m not even kidding.

Had he titled it: Pokemon EX Booster Blister 3 Pack Dragon Frontiers Holon Phantoms OPENED 2007 rather than writing the entire thing in caps, it may have been more noticeable to potential buyers that the product was NOT sealed.

Yes, technically, he said it was “opened” in the title, but I do think it is the seller’s job to be as transparent as possible with buyers, and such transparency includes making VITAL words such as “opened” more noticeable, whether that means capitalizing them, putting them in parentheses or both.

Now, to be fair, he did clearly state that they were opened in the description, but his title style is just bad.

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The pictures are very misleading, even though the title and description do mention the opened state.

I would open a case if I were in your position, especially after his reply. As a seller myself, I would never want a buyer to be disappointed with a product I sold. Especially not when the buyer seems like a very reasonable person, offers a good solution, and would leave me in a situation where I don’t end up losing out on it (or in this case, even gaining!).



Obviously, I have no idea who this seller is and what their motives are, but the fact that they are refusing to essentially take free money in return leads me to believe that they very well knew that their listing was misleading.

Maybe they honestly didn’t know, but it looks fishy to me.

Agreed, when ever i’m selling opened sealed product, i make sure that the word ‘opened’ is capitalised while the rest of the title is not

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This is seriously a tough one.
The buyer made a very fair offer
The seller did absolutely nothing wrong.
So, what do you do when you’re in a Trumpp/Pelousy situation? Someone has to be the bigger man;)