Fake sealed Plasma Blast box?

I just bought a sealed plasma blast box off of ebay. It arrived at my parents’ address, and I had my little brother open the shipping box to see if it looked ok. He said the shrink wrap didn’t have any sort of pokemon logos/anything on it - just plain shrink wrap. Is this 100% a scam? Should I just contact ebay now and send it back?

I’d contact ebay…

But please post images first!
From the sounds of it t is resealed.





hopefully these work. thank you.

Indeed. These days it is difficult to trust a box that is not sealed and/or obviously re-sealed. If you are not comfortable with the box ask the seller about a refund. Also, give ebay and call and explain the situation. The buyer has the most leverage on ebay, and in this instance it is justified.

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What’s the eBay link so we can see who’s the seller?

That box looks like it has been run over by a truck.

I’d bet anything it’s a poor attempt at re-sealing a box with weighed packs inside.

Yeah, unfortunately I didn’t get the pics until you guys started asking. I was just going off of little brother’s description. I will post a link to the seller once I get the issue resolved. I live/work about 13 hours away from where it was shipped, so luckily I asked him to look.

So I suppose with ebay now, I am required to foot the return shipping if it was free in the first place? Sucks since I will be losing money from a seller’s bad business…

Why are you required to send a fake item back?
Doesn’t that just promote them to do it again?

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One time I purchased fake 1st ED Base cards on eBay. They ruled that since the cards were clearly counterfeit I would not have to send them back. I suppose it depends on who looks at your case. In my case, I think it was truly an accident on the seller as opposed to them trying to scam me.

Well, the cards probably aren’t fake per say, but he is advertising a sealed box as a resealed one.

From the ebay listing (not to mention the picture is completely different than the item I received):
New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item (including handmade items).

I also haven’t posted the description, which also said a new, unopened box. This box is neither new nor unopened. All of your points are invalid. Then you suggest weighing the packs after all of this? Lol…

I wasn’t posting the ebay listing until I get it resolved with the seller, as I mentioned. I told everyone that it was listed as a sealed, unopened box. I also never said anything about trying to keep the item; I stated I was unhappy with the fact that I would be forced to pay return shipping for a fraudulent listing. Lastly, where have I given any indication I want to keep the box? Strong reading comprehension.

Well it looks as if there isn’t a definite answer, because according to some, paypal will cover shipping for fraudulent listings with a voucher, and sometimes ebay will cover shipping from fraudulent listings, then of course sometimes it’s the users responsibility. That’s a lot more than I knew before, and I appreciate all of the advice. I don’t think I’m the one coming across as ‘standoff-ish’ when all I did was ask for help and you suggested ‘that I keep the box or quit complaining’ after I laughed because you said to weigh the packs. All I ever asked was to clear up who pays return shipping. No nit picking required. Didn’t mean to offend you, brother.

Anyways, I will let everyone know seller info. afterwards to make sure no one else deals with him/her.

Yes…you’ll have to return it if not to the seller then to paypal directly. I had to do this to paypal once but it could’ve been because it was a 21,000.00 package as well as a different country.
You must return it because even though Paypal sides with you they are fully aware YOU could be the scammer and just trying to get the item for free;)

I do not want to keep these cards. I just wanted to know how paid return shipping for fraudulent listings. -.-


Shipped everything back, he paid full refund + my shipping costs. Was polite and apologetic the entire time. He actually apologized several times throughout the resolution process.

My question is this:

Do I give him negative feedback and say what I’d like to say? Neutral feedback with a buyer beware warning, or simply leave it as is with no feedback? I can’t really imagine any circumstance in which this was an accident. I considered asking him after everything was said and done what he expected by trying a switch like this, but I’m not sure if that’s important. I know it’s only like 80 bucks, so it’s not like it was thousands of dollars at stake, but it’s still a hassle going through the entire process.

Any thoughts?

No feedback would be best. The seller was very cooperative and apologetic.


I understand. What is stopping this seller from pawning off this same box as a sealed box to someone less suspecting?

I guess the thing is the fact it was for a sealed, unopened box of cards. The box looks like, as someone mentioned, it was run over by a truck, not to mention seran wrap covering only 2/3 of the box and glued down in certain areas. He also had a stock photo of a blast box, so he knows what it looks like. Also, several of his other auctions were for cards (some expensive EX), which leads me to believe it wasn’t an accident and he knows at least some about Pokemon cards. I guess I just wouldn’t want someone else to go through this process; one which the seller isn’t even obligated to pay return shipping (I was lucky).