Fake 1st Edition Base Set Box?

I recently bought a 1st edition base set booster box and have it listed on eBay here:

I got a message from an eBay user telling me the box was fake. I know that could be a scare tactic but it made me compare my box with other ones found online. It looks like the bottom of my box differs significantly from other listings on eBay. Some other listings for comparison:


My box doesn’t have the crease from the top right to the bottom left corner of the bottom of the box.
The flaps fold differently.
The text is not aligned correctly and is not covered a tiny bit like the other boxes.

Are these clear indicators that the box is fake? Were first edition boxes only printed in one way?

Thanks for your help guys, I have a lot of money on the line here.


There is an eBayer selling fake 1st ed boxes. They’ve been going for $5,500ish. One of the buyers contacted opened his up on camera and it contained 34 Spanish booster packs plus 2 real packs on top.

You should watch CrackRokMcCaibs video about it on YT.

I was outbid on one by $100 that ended up being fake.

I’d get on top of eBay right away to get your money back.

As @gemmintpokemon said, contact eBay right away. Seeing as it may be fake, there is only one way to know for sure, which is opening it up on camera. I would get your money back from eBay, and then open it and see what you have. IF you open it up, do it all on camera and ONLY after you’ve gotten your money back.

Where did you purchase the box from? Initially the wrapping made me a bit uneasy.

If you recently purchased it, I would try and initiate a return if you are uncertain of its authenticity. I wouldn’t advise opening it at all as that will eliminate the return option.

After checking your recent auctions, it looks like you sold one back in September.

Interesting, thanks for the info guys.

So to me it doesn’t seem like the box is fake, rather it has likely been tampered with. Based on the pictures, would you agree? I see that there are some fake boxes going around but this doesn’t necessarily mean mine is.

Luckily I did recently buy this and so I am contacting PayPal now to figure out the best course of action. It’s unclear whether I should open it or not at this time so I will leave it as is.

Will update you guys once I have more info.

All true except opening it will not necessarily void the return option. Sometimes you don’t know it’s fake till you open it.

Contact eBay for advice PRIOR to opening it though to be safe.

By the way…obviously fake. Not even a good one,

Wow, what makes you say it’s obviously fake?

I was just thinking…if I were to open the box it and it doesn’t contain English 1st edition packs, then the item is “Not as described” and eligible for a refund through PayPal, right?

By the way…pull that garbage down so nobody else gets ripped off.
Hope you get your money back:)

Right…but do it under the supervision of ebay to be safe.
If they tell you to open it then fine but they or PayPal may want you to mail it to them…,

it has so many things that are inconsistent with a real 1st edition base box, you’re lucky to have purchased it recently, work on getting a refund asap

Okay. PayPal offices are closed now, I’ll call them tomorrow to figure out what I should do next. So tempted to open it and see what packs are in there.

Got off the phone with PayPal, they suggested I verify the contents of the box and then file a claim if the content were fake.

So I just did that. The packs inside are very clearly fake. Below are pictures of 3 different packs. And get this - there were 12 Charizard packs, 13 Venusaur packs, and 11 Blastoise packs. Hah. Contacting the seller and filing a claim next.

Get a load of this, real cards inside…to pass weighing?

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Wow, that’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen to this date.


Hmmmm… Those are packed differently so may be a new scammer.

I wonder what that’ll mean to the current crop of legit boxes.
I’m starting to feel good that I recently sold my 9 box lot;)


I’m wondering if the guy who sold this box to you knew that it was fake…

Eek, I was curious as to whether someone actually bought them all. I don’t know what to feel about it - well slightly upset as I was going to buy them when I won the lottery. Congrats on the sale anyway. :blush:

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My thoughts exactly. I’m not sure he did. But I have filed a claim on PayPal and messaged him…his reaction will be telling.

I was wondering if that was a legit sale…Something like $13k/box? Nice payday.

I wasn’t sure if that went through or not Gary, but glad it did. :blush:

Thanks Rix and Scott.
It included some other rare PSA stuff but still broke down to 66 for the case then 27 for the 3 singles.

Came at a good time though cause we have to sell our house in this retirement community (cause of our new baby) and buy elsewhere.

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