Summer & Fall Goldin Elite Auction Block

I’m sorry to hear. Yeah I agree with Scott just keep emailing both of them until someone get through to you

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I shipped a 4 figures package to Collectors Vault 3 weeks ago, delivered and signed for. Haven’t heard a single word since, been unable to receive a reply to any of the 20+ emails I sent to PSA, Goldin or Collectors Vault.

If anybody has a direct contact or an email that works it would be great, I’m also starting to lose hope on that package.


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Does peti work at psa vault? If so peti read my message above

Anyone having any issues dm me your names and emails on your accounts and what the issues are and ill check into it monday for you.


Peti works at Goldin


How does Goldin work with the PSA vault and how does the early withdrawal fee work as well? I am thinking of using the vault service but from the above I am hesitant to say the least.

Goldin vault is PSA vault (aka Collectors vault). You can choose to ship anything youve won at goldin or anywhere to the vault using the address they provide you. At the moment most of the withdrawal and shipping fees are waived. For my last withdrawal they charged me only $6 per card (two cards only) and both were high value. Neither was held in there for longer than a month.

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Please message me first if youre sending something in and ill help walk you through the process so you have no hiccups.

For all your worlds promos guys, Christmas came early…the new Goldin auction has like 200… sheesh


Yep and $1 for shipping, which I bet will change in the future (hopefully not too near) but I don’t see PSA having this option for the long term. It’s just a good thing that there is a good amount of competition for vaulting services.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and Pokémon collection. Because I read your post I won a card I’ve been wanting for a long time at a great price! Signed up for Goldin just a few days ago :slight_smile:

Since this is my first time do people usually do ACH transfer for smaller items? I imagine there is a few for credit cards or other methods of transferring?

Haha congrats! They charge 3% for CC payments. Ach, wire and crypto are all free as far as I know

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So many rare world promos on this auction block!


The 3 snaps at goldin sold a strong price. Good to see the price matches the rarity with the.

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Anyone pick anything up?

Images of thefinecard on IG.


Where can I find the sold prices?

On my message just above :saluting_face:

Oh thanks! I had no idea you posted more than the illustrator lol

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