Stolen 1st Edition Charizard, please keep eyes peeled. Cert 73660251 Cert

Hello. I was told I should post on this website. Recently I had my 1st Edition Charizard graded by PSA. On it’s transit back home via FedEx it stopped at the Memphis TN facility. They have since declared it lost.
If you see this specific pokemon card for sale, or online anywhere, it belongs to me. Please help a person seeking justice.
Images of my card below.


I’d recommend adding the cert number as text in your post. Then if someone searches the cert number, they might find this post.


If this was sent from PSA it should have some type of insurance. Perhaps try that route if you haven’t yet.


wtf is going on in TN, its always that location


Is it me or is Memphis the go to location for stolen packages? I feel like the other big FedEx facilities don’t see nearly this amount of claimed stolen packages online.


So sorry that this is happening to you. I am in a similar boat with my card being stolen after shipping from the Collectors Vault. :frowning:


Memphis is their main hub. Most packages go through there, so naturally it will be where most problems occur.

I forgot to share this discord, its super helpful for locating a lost package: FedEx

@stevengreen11 Join that discord and open a ticket. They should be able to give you the best answer on the location!


@smpratte a food for thought, a video about stolen packages would be a great idea for a video topic. Maybe not a super long video, but seeing so many friends packages being intercepted is so horrible. I don’t know what USPS, FedEx or UPS are doing about it.


Sorry for your loss. As was already said I hope that PSA gonna cover it.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter Memphis TN

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Any update on your situation?

I don’t trust fed ex at all. Honestly they should be doing an internal investigation. I know I sound hysterical but this is insanity. Someone should be held accountable.



JUST SAY NO (when you can)


Genuinely every problem I’ve ever had with a shipped item has been FedEx. Purely anecdotal, but it does make you wonder.

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I’m with you on this. Willing to bet there’s at least 1 employee who sees highly insured packages coming from PSA and takes them.

I’ve only shipped with fed ex once. I bought a really expensive card from Canada. Second time buying from Canada. Boy did fedex put me through the ringer. Held my package at customs, wanted proof of who I was. What was inside the package etc. I felt bad for the seller I bought the card from because rightfully so it was crazy stressful on him. I eventually got the card but man was it a process. Meanwhile I got a card from Canada a few months earlier and no issues and super fast delivery

FedEx doesn’t offer shipping insurance, at least not any that would be apparent on the label? If anything they just recognize the Andrews Pl address

This is sad. I hope it shows up at some point.