Spreadsheet/checklist for English sets plus Q's

Good Evening,

I have spent the day sorting out alot of my bulk, binders etc.I have all my rares, ex, ur etc in binders in sets. Unc and common in ultra pro sleeves in a binder and my reverse in a seperate binder, all numbered in sets and in order. I was wondering if anyone has a checklist or suggestion other than typing out all cards I need please? Itll be useful to know which cards in each set I need(B+W to present)

Older cards and promos i just put in a seperate ultra pro along with rc collections, wotc black star set and base jung fossil rocket.

There are alot more cards than I thought so decided to just put all wotc unc and common into a card box rather than try mess(I have base to rocket in binders but anything after neo and pre BW is either in a box or randomly in my binders ha) I need to consolidate quite a fair bit in order to free up some capital and space!

I have found there are a alot of alternate holos and cards such as shattered,cosmo,reverse and standard/non holo.Do any of you guys bother with them? I’m planing on removing all alternate and reverse from my binders(behind standard card) as it takes up too much space. Is there really a need or demand for them? >.<

Last question for now ^.^…maybeee…Does anyone have tips on the cards between the last neo and B+W please…I have bulk com/unc/trainer/energy/non holo/holo/ex/reverse…I wasnt collecting Pokemon then and have no idea what to look for…if any com/uncom/rares etc are worth putting aside or just bulking most(these are ungraded and conditions are generally excellent…however I havent properly looked as some will be nm+ I think)

Apart from the obvious cards and graded I wouldnt know where to start with these sets :confused:
I am not expecting to have my hand help but even general tips would be useful! I have a card storage box full of these era bulk plus stacks of ex,non holo, holo…rare, reverse and so on next to me right now.

I am tempted to just sell my reverse collection aswell…its never really interested me apart from sorting through and putting in my binders in set and number order XD

Saturday Midnight rant finished for this part feel free to comment or criticize, its all cold beans

This is a good checklist for the english sets

The Link above for Master Emeralds check list is a good start, he updates normally the same day as each new set is release. There is a lot of nice functionality in his spreadsheet and the ability to copy data when he releases a new one.

Alternatively i can upload my personal one which i stopped releasing (No idea why i stopped) i normally pass this over to master emerald also. mine has a lot more cards and covers a number of different variants (1400+ extra cards) and also covers coins, blister pack artwork and i am working on Pins at the moment but will be asking my own question on them in a minute.

The problem with using my personal one though is i don’t release it very often and when i do it is striped back of most functionality let me know if you want it though.