Collection Checklist

Hi All

Thought i would share this and also i feel this is the best place for information i may be missing. I know everyone may have there own checklist’s but this may be a nice start for some other people.

This is a complete checklist of all english cards i am currently aware of but i may have missed some or made some mistakes please feel free to point anything out it helps me as well.

Also if there are any cards missing which you may be aware of let me know with a link or picture to confirm them.

I am aware Error cards still needs work and TCGO cards are non existant on the lists at the moment


Any feedback is welcome

English Pokemon Checklist

You forgot about Event exclusive as well (Pokemon Day, Gym Challenge, Comic Con, etc)

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Pokemon Day and Comic Con are under additional and Gym Challenge i think are under Championship

I think you left out the japanese english release cards:

-cd shadowless pikachu
-jr meowth
-jr mewtwo
-jr eevee
-gray star pikachu/jigglypuff

theres probly more :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the information i have added the JR Rally cards and the Shadowless Pikachu, The gray star cards were already listed under additional along with the bilingual exeggutor.

Once again thank you very much for the information anything else you may see and i will add it on.

I have noticed thanks to these pages there is a 4th print of some sets which are not currently included

Ah, yes. I haven’t looked over the list, but keep in mind:

3rd Print Fossil
4th Print Base Set

Also, bulbapedia has a very thorough list of alternative promotional cards, such as holofoil variants, included with each set in theirs. That’s a good source to check yours against initially. Not perfect, but a great start!