Japanese Pokémon TCG checklist (v0.1)

:blush: Japanese Pokémon TCG Checklist :blush: Current version: v0.1


Hello all. I noticed a distinct lack of a comprehensive spreadsheet for Japanese pokémon collectors.
I decided some time ago to make one myself, one that was detailed but succinct.

Today I’m sharing the first version of this spreadsheet with you guys at the Elite Fourum.
I hope this spreadsheet helps and I’m looking forward to hearing some feedback on it.

Resources and installation

You can grab the spreadsheet at the following link:
Japanese Pokémon TCG Checklist v0.1

You can grab card scans at the following link:
Japanese Pokémon TCG Scans


Credits go to:

Collectorviper (aka viper.fox) for scans.

MasterEmerald for inspiration and some of the coding of his English Collection checklist that’s been used/altered for this Japanese collection checklist. Pokemon TCG Collector’s Checklist vX.X www.reddit.com/user/MasterEmerald

Bulbapedia for the majority of the set/promo/theme deck data. bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Main_Page

Elite Fourum for some more set/promo/theme deck data. efour.proboards.com/


Currently, there are only 17 main sets and an incomplete unnumbered promos set in the spreadsheet but I’ll be updating this as I progress.I have decided to use a bit of a custom sorting method for the older sets that do not feature a card number. I recently asked on this forum for an official card order and apparently the order on Bulbapedia is the official order. However, I think the order is a bit of a mess and I hope that this card order makes more sense. Please let me know what you think of this.

Enjoy. :blush:


Reserved post #1

I will post version history here whenever there’s a new update.

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If you guys can give feedback, that’d be very much appreciated.
What I’m looking for is feedback on the inner workings of the spreadsheet. If you manage to break it, please let me know how you did that.
I’m also interested in feedback on the looks of the spreadsheet. I want this spreadsheet to be easy on the eyes as well, so if anything is too crowded or doesn’t look right, please let me know.
I will eventually rework the home page sheet to be more concise and insightful. Maybe some set logos as well! :wink:

I could also use help with finding scans/images of the harder to find promos and determining which card entry belongs to which unnumbered promo. I have some pictures of trophy cards that I don’t know the origin of. If someone can tell me what picture belongs to the unnumbered promos that feature a “Sorry, card scan coming soon” preview, that’d be greatly appreciated.

Also, if anyone is able to get in contact with Collectorviper (aka viper.fox), please get in touch with me. I’m trying to get their response on whether or not it’s ok to use their card scans. I am using their card scans right now, but I would like to know if they are ok with it.

Nice to see my work went on to help others, love the layout of the card preview page. its not something i have every introduced into my personal sheet but thanks to masteremerald it works perfectly. Love the work cant wait to see how far you can take this, i always avoided the Japanese collections as i thought there was to many cards to list.

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Cool to see the original sheet creator posting in this thread! It certainly is a lot of work but it’s also a great learning experience. I’ll be posting an update sometime in the near future. :blush:



Just wondered if there was an update to the checklist at all, if not is there a way of unprotecting so I can edit the document?(and add some sets myself)

Thanks for your hard work on this!

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I forgot to calculate in the fact that some sets have Reverse foils, so now I have to rework the template, but yes I did work on it a bunch. There’s also the problem of having multiple IDs on older ex sets, which I have little info about. I have up to heartgold & Soulsilver (which is when I ran into the problem of reverse foils haha), and promo sets up to the PLAY promotional cards. I’m not sure if I should release it though since it would be a pain to have to copy over your data to a reworked version when I get down to it. If you still want it, I’ll upload what I’ve got up until now.

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I’d be interested in the updated version so far if you’re still open to sharing!