Jumbo Card Checklist

Thanks to:
Before I begin, I want to give credit where credit is due. So, I’d like to thank:
Tolan for creating the massive Japanese Promo checklist, from which I pulled almost all the Japanese Jumbos. Also, thanks for the nifty checklist symbols
Bulbapedia for filling in the gaps and for all the images and extra knowledge
DJGigabyte for this post here
LV and PokeBeach for this cool list
Yahoo!Japan for making all of these cards available for cheap :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to use this list for whatever you want, but please give me credit. I finally contributed something significant to the Pokemon world, and would like to make sure everyone knows that :stuck_out_tongue:
Note: If you see anything missing, please comment and tell me what and I’ll update this list asap.

Now on to the list!

Symbols to use:
☐ = Don’t have it
✓= Have it
:heavy_multiplication_x:= Want it


Best of – Winner:
☐Rocket’s Scizor
☐ Rocket’s Sneasel
☐ Dark Ivysuar
☐ Dark Venusaur
☐ Rocket’s Mewtwo
☐ Rocket’s Hitmonchan

Box Toppers:

Legendary Collection:
☐ Charizard S1
☐ Dark Blastoise S2
☐ Dark Raichu S3
☐ Mewtwo S4

☐ Alakazam #1/12
☐ Feraligatr #2/12
☐ Tyranitar #3/12
☐ Venusaur #4/12

☐ Entei #5/12
☐ Espeon #6/12
☐ Scizor #7/12
☐ Suicune #8/12

☐ Charizard #9/12
☐ Crobat #10/12
☐ Ho-Oh #11/12
☐ Kabutops #12/12

Miscellaneous Promotional Cards:

☐ TopDeck Magazine - Base Set Pikachu
☐ WB Movie Handout Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos
☐ CoroCoro Base Set Charizard (English language but only released in Japan)

☐ Banned from STS Super-Jumbo Sneasel

☐ e-League Grovyle - Winner
☐ e-League Combusken - Winner
☐ e-League Marshtomp – Winner

☐ e-League Metal Energy - Winner
☐ e-League Multi Energy - Winner
☐ e-League Oran Berry – Winner

☐ Pokémon XD Launch Shadow Lugia

☐ Darkrai Premium Box DP24 Darkrai
☐ Dialga Premium Box DP26 Dialga
☐ Palkia Premium Box DP27 Palkia

☐ Regigigas Colossal Box DP40 Regigigas
☐ Arceus Poster Box DP50 Arceus

☐ Clash of Legends Dialga Palkia Legend
☐ Clash of Legends Darkrai Cresselia Legend

☐ Black & White Version Tour Zorua and Celebi
☐ World of Illusions Box Zoroark and Legendary Pokémon
☐ Zoroark Illusions Collection Box Zoroark
☐ _____’s Oshawott
☐ _____’s Tepig
☐ _____’s Snivy
☐ Victini Movie Handout

☐ Mewtwo Collection Box Mewtwo EX
☐ Keldeo EX


Unnumbered Promos:

☐ CoroCoro Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Clefairy
☐ CoroCoro Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos

☐ CoroCoro Mewtwo Strikes Back
☐ CoroCoro Pikachu’s Summer Vacation
☐ CoroCoro Pokémon Plaza

☐ Fan Club Tropical Present Snorlax
☐ Fan Club Tropical Present Lapras
☐ CoroCoro Pokémon Valley
☐ CoroCoro Lawrence III

☐ CoroCoro Charizard (English)
☐ Fan Club New Century Present
☐ Fan Club New Year Present

☐ Fan Club Tropical Present
☐ CoroCoro Pikachu & Pichu
☐ CoroCoro Crystal Tower’s Entei

☐ 9th Movie Handout Gardevoir ex δ
☐ 9th Movie Handout Tyranitar ex δ

☐ Shining Darkness Darkrai

☐ Giratina DPBP#526 DP5 1st edition
☐ Pokémon Center Happy Birthday Pikachu
☐ (Moving of) Yokohama Pokémon Center Captain’s Pikachu

☐ Movie Release Zorua and Celebi
☐ Movie Release Zoroark and the Legendary Pokémon
☐ Pokémon Center Birthday Campaign ____'s Pikachu
☐ Osaka Pokémon Center Reopening Tepig

☐ Lawson Promotion Snivy
☐ Lawson Promotion Tepig
☐ Lawson Promotion Oshawott
☐ Fukuoka Pokémon Center Reopening Oshawott
☐ Beginner’s Battle Conference Reshiram
☐ Beginner’s Battle Conference Minccino
☐ Tokyo Tower Summer Carnival Pikachu
☐ JR Hokkaido Pokémon Survey Victini
☐ JR Hokkaido Pokémon Survey Reshiram
☐ JR Hokkaido Pokémon Survey Zekrom
☐ Battle Carnival 2011 Mewtwo

☐ Battle Carnival 2012 Customized Pokémon Card Game Trainer
☐ Battle Carnival 2012 Rayquaza
☐ Pokemon Center Purchase Promo Keldeo EX
☐ Pokemon Center Birthday Present ____'s Pikachu

☐ Moving of Nagoya Pokemon Center Pikachu
☐ BEAMS × Pokémon Pikachu
☐ BEAMS × Pokémon Mewtwo EX

J Promotional Cards:
☐ 001/J CoroCoro Timeless Celebi
☐ 002/J 5th Movie Handout Latias and Latios

Other Languages[/b][/u]

☐ Coffret Victini Box Victini

I don’t know if this is usefull, but there is also a french-only jumbo:

There’s also a 5-foot tall Sneasle.

Indeed, here a video:

Ugh, why does that fool have one of the Sneasels? Goodness >.>
Anyways, I’ll add it to the list

And thanks poketrade for pointing out the Victini. Do you know how it was distributed?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found out. It was distributed in a Victini box. It’s called “Coffret Victini”

Great job on the list Daelum & Tolan.

FYI, there’s 2 different Fan Club Jumbo’s for 1999. One of the Tropical Presents had Snorlax and the other had Lapras. Both had “Special Card” instead of Trainer and Fan club logos, just like the New Year & New Century Jumbos

Updated with above information from avalanche.
I also added the Keldeo EX promo that was given away at Japanese Pokemon Centers for a limited time when one purchased a Keldeo theme deck and booster packs or a starter deck.
You can find an image of the Keldeo here.

I think your missing the Jumbo Oran Berry winner card, not many were produced.

Nope, I included it:

Thanks for trying to help though - let me know if anything else is missing :blush:

Racism, that’s why :wink:

That is odd. It also begs the question, “Why didn’t Professor Elm get a Jumbo with the rest of the Best of Game series?”

Maybe cause Dark Energy in a Jumbo version would have too much black? :stuck_out_tongue:

Why did you cross out the Tokyo Birthday Campaign ____'s Pikachu 2009

The card is actually from 2008, but some people say it’s from 2009. So I just wanted to make it clear that it is from 2008 not 2009.

so the
☐ Tokyo Birthday Campaign ____'s Pikachu

is the same thing as

☐ Pokémon Center Happy Birthday Pikachu

Yes, they are the same card.

I’m thinking the confusion arose by the card being released in 2009 but with a 2008 copyright. Not sure about that though.

You forgot the 2005: Japanese Gale of Darkness Pokémon XD Launch Shadow Lugia

I apologize for reviving this, but it’s a good resource, and I’d hate for it to fall in the void of the past and become outdated.

The Xerneas and Yveltal Jumbo Collections came out in English with Jumbo versions of Xerneas XY05 and Yveltal XY06.

These Jumbo boxes also came out in both Italian and Spanish, but instead came with Jumbo versions of the XY expansion EX’s instead in their respective languages.

Can someone post a photo of the jumbo EX versions of yveltal and xerneas?

Also I am searching all 4 jumbos of yveltal and xerneas, any help is appreciated.


Gallame EX XY45
Libégon EX XY61


Glurak EX XY121
M Garados EX 27/122