ReVamp KillerRed09 Entei Buying Thread

Welcome to my New Pokemon Wants ListThank You to @daelum and @tolan For making this Check ListSymbols to use:

✓= Have it

:heavy_multiplication_x:= Want it

✓ Entei (Wizards Promo 34) and ✓ Entei Japanese Neo Premium File 2
:heavy_multiplication_x: Entei (Neo Revelation 6) 1st Ed and :heavy_multiplication_x: Unlimited. :heavy_multiplication_x: Entei Japanese Version Awakening Legends
:heavy_multiplication_x: Unlimited Entei (Neo Revelation 17) ✓ 1st Edtion. ✓ Entei Japanese Version Neo Premium File 3
✓ Entei (Aquapolis H8) Holo(Might Change PSA) Reverse, Non Holo. ✓ Entei Wind from the Sea Holo 1st/Un. Non Holo 1st/Un
Entei (P Promo 43) Jr Rally (Might Change PSA)
✓ Entei (POP Series 2) Holo/Non Holo. :heavy_multiplication_x: Entei 001/009 PokéPark Blue
:heavy_multiplication_x: Entei (Secret Wonders 4) Dot Holo. Reverse Dark, Regular Reverse Shine, Crystal Holo ✓ Entei Shining Darkness 1st.:heavy_multiplication_x: Unlimited
:heavy_multiplication_x: Entei (HGSS Promo 20) ✓ JP Entei L-P Promotional Cards.
:heavy_multiplication_x: Entei (Call of Legends SL3) :heavy_multiplication_x: Entei Lottery Promo
✓ Crystal Tower’s Entei (10th Movie Promo)
✓ Rocket’s Entei (VS 95)
✓ Entei ex (EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 91) ✓ Entei Ex Magma Deck Kit 1st. :heavy_multiplication_x: Unlimited
✓ Rocket’s Entei ex (EX Team Rocket Returns 97) ✓ JP Rocket’s Entei ex Rocket Gang Strikes Back 1st/Un
✓ Entei ☆ (EX Unseen Forces 113) :heavy_multiplication_x: Entei Golden Sky, Silvery Ocean (1st Edition) ✓ Unlimited
:heavy_multiplication_x: Entei & Raikou LEGEND (Unleashed 90) ✓ Entei & Raikou Legend 1st Edition :heavy_multiplication_x: Unlimited
:heavy_multiplication_x: Suicune & Entei LEGEND (Unleashed 94) ✓ Suicune & Entei Legend 1st :heavy_multiplication_x: Unlimited
:heavy_multiplication_x: Full Art Entei 103/108 Dark Explorers ✓ JP Entei Full Art Dark Rush
✓ Entei Half Art 13/108 ✓ JP Entei Half Art Dark Rush
:heavy_multiplication_x: Entei (Ancient Origins 15) Holo/Reverse. ✓ Entei Bandit Ring 1st/Unlimited
:heavy_multiplication_x: Entei (Ancient Origins 14) Reverse. ✓ Entei Bandit Ring 1st/Unlimited. ✓ Entei Premium Champion Pack

This Will be a List I update each time I get one of these cards that I need very much.
I am always looking for PSA 10 Cards, no 9.5 and under.

I am still making the Gold Star Entei 1-10 So please please sell me your beat up Entei Gold Stars.

Looking for the Premium Champion Pack Entei 016/131 Both the Regular print and Reverse Version CP4
and Looking for the The Best of XY Entei 011/171.

Just send me a message with your price. Looking for a Gem Mint one. Didnt know these two cards came out recent and need them. Rather buy it off someone where than on ebay