Remove this Thread Please!!!!!

I am mainly looking for PSA 10 Entei Cards.

I made a list of cards I need.
If you believe by heart that a card can get a 10 just message me or post photos down below. I am willing to pay a good price.

  1. Entei Neo Revelation English Unlimited, 1st Edition, and Japanese

  2. Entei 17/64 Neo Revelation Unlimited.

3.Entei (Aquapolis) Japanese and Unlimited.

  1. Entei JR 2002 Promo.

  2. Entei PokePark Blue Japanese.

  3. Entei (Secret Wonders 4) English Only.

  4. Entei (HGSS Promo 20) English

  5. Entei (Call of Legends SL3) English Only

  6. Entei (Ancient Origins) All English.

  7. Entei & Raikou LEGEND English Set.

  8. Suicune & Entei LEGEND English Set.

  9. Entei-EX Full Art Dark Explorers English.

I can make a list of photos if that will help out the most.

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Where were you when I had my entei psa 10 rev holo secret wonders on eBay?

I’m sending in the ancient origins and SL3 entei to PSA. I’ll hit you up when they get back.

I saw that and it was my month of slowly stopping to collect because I was busy with games and life and saw it sold for like 6 dollars. I nearly cried.

Forgot to add in. I am making a PSA 1-10 collection of the Gold Star Entei. English/Japanese. Planning to try and get every grade that isn’t a .5. Since I still don’t understand how hat system works.

It will be hard to do it but I am willing to do it.

So if you have any Entei Gold Stars that are 8 and under. I am willing to buy them

Anyone have any Nice Looking Entei’s from Ancient Origins English that can get a 10. Nice borders. It is a cheap card but I am willing to pay extra for it.

All the Entei Cards from it.

I tried grading one for you but it got a 9. I’d save up a few copies of your entei cards and wait awhile to submit. English cards are getting a lot of 9s. If you have any hesitation it could get a 9 I’d hold onto it.

I sent all the Entei cards and they came back as 9s. Sadly and the non holo came back as a 8 lol

I was upset but that is what collecting is.

Still in dying need of these cards and adding Two Cards to the list.

Illusion’s Zoroark 2010 Pokemon Card Design Contest Elementary 4th Grade

and Corocoro Ichibani ILLUSION’S ZOROARK

Anyone have these cards in gem mint 10?
I am willing to buy a Raw one as well and I will send it to get graded myself.

Willing to pay extra for them, Looking for the Half Art in Rev and Regular Holo.

While the regular one I need in Rev only.

Thank you