PSA 10 Trades: 1st Ed Base Shadowless Holo's/JP Shinings/G*

I have some high end PSA 10 cards available to trade;

PSA 10 Japanese Shining Noctowl
PSA 10 1st Ed Shadowless Poliwrath
PSA 10 1st Ed Shadowless Zapdos
PSA 10 1st Ed Shadowless Raichu*
PSA 10 Unlimited Base Venusaur
PSA 10 Unlimited Base Blastoise
PSA 10 1st Ed Neo Discovery Umbreon
PSA 10 Japanese Base Venusaur
PSA 10 Japanese Goldstar 1st Ed Regirock,Regice,Registeel
PSA 10 Japanese Goldstar 1st Ed Charizard

What I am looking to trade for is the following cards:

PSA 10 1st Ed Shadowless Ninetales*
PSA 10 1st Ed Shadowless Nidoking*
PSA 10 1st Ed Shadowless Gyarados*
PSA 10 1st Ed Shadowless Blastoise*
PSa 10 1st Ed Shadowless Venusaur*
PSA 10 600pt Fan Club Shining Magikarp
PSA 10 Play Promo Japanese Gold Star Umbreon
PSA 10 Japanese 20th Anniversary Festa 2016 Pikachu

I’m happy to put cash toward deals but at this time nothing is strictly ‘for sale’, I’d rather use them for trades.

* The Base holo’s I’m looking for must be ‘thin stamp’ and my Raichu (thick stamp) is only available in a swap deal involving a thin stamp Raichu.

I have the team rocket cards, though they are in PSA 9, I am sending them to regrade which I am sure they will get 10s. I am actually looking for English gold star torchic, mudkip, treecko, kyogre, registeel and gyarados. If you can ever get a hold of these 6 in mint copies or PSA 9 graded. I will be willing to trade. I also have the team rocket special (missing the cards, obviously) if you want a case too.

PMed :blush:



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Little off topic but I’m surprised you’d advertise being a cracker. Not everybody feels this way but if the graders found a defect to knock a card down to a 9 then cracking it and maybe getting a 10 makes it a less than desireable card. Actually, some of us keep a crackers list and take that into consideration when making a deal;)
Back on topic now…

I’m going to throw my PSA 10 Japanese 1st Ed Gold Star Charizard into the mix too. It’s available for trades.

Interested in selling any of those shadowless holos?

Not currently. Bought them as trade fodder for the ones I don’t have, seeing if that can work first.

Np let me know if you change your mind.

I know you aren’t currently selling but hit me up if you become willing to sell the neo4 Shining Mewtwo or Noctowl :blush:

Sorry I can’t help with the trades though :confused:

I know what you mean. My point is I don’t want to pay a PSA 10 price for a card that a professional grader already deemed a 9. At best, it’s a weak 10. At worst, the second grader overlooked the defect.
Am I really all alone with these feelings?


Sorry I removed my post, didn’t want to side track the thread but I am very much in the same boat as you. For instance being a BGS 9 could possibly regrade to a 9.5 but it would never become a pristine 10, just can’t happen. But its something that happens with PSA and you wouldn’t know if you bought it. Oh well, topic back on track now.


Will do mate.

Gotta love rs :joy:

PSA 10 1st Edition Neo Discovery Umbreon holo added to my trade pile.

I’m also still after mint/gem mint (potentially) ungraded Japanese Jungle & Fossil holo’s. Will pay well for them!

Haven’t seen any fan club Magikarps for a little while. Anyone got knowledge of any that are available?