Looking to Trade 1st Edition Shadowless Base Charizard

Looking to possibly/maybe trade 1st Edition SHadowless Base Charizard If the deal is good… After 1st edition Japanese Gold stars in PSA 10, or other 1st edition Wizards Holos… Or somethings cool.

is it the psa 10 one? if not you might wanna specify condition or post a pic

Yes detailed pictures (front and back) would be great. I am interested if the condition is is right for me :blush:

yeah it be psa 10

Post a picture showing the serial number.

I am

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It’s the one I told you about gary where I had to resend it in because the dude I got it off scratched the crap out of the case, and didn’t even know that Sleeves existed. This was when I was trying to get one off you.

This case is brand new though all thanks to Charizard Authority.

I really want to get that Thin 1st edition Stamp charizard Auction that’s over on PWCC for bid, but I only got an offer for 5,000 AUD lol… The the PWCC Charizard is sitting at 3750US, and finishes in 11 minutes… Holy crap it went for 5,495US.

Didn’t know if you saw the retracted bid history. Originally a 2 feedback user bid up the card to 8k. The guy who won had multiple bids in that range. Not sure how serious the bids were because they were placed so early on in the auction. What do you want for yours? Cash or trade? Booster boxes or PSA cards?

Crazy price. I guess two people really wanted it.
I’d still pay 4K usd


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Looks like I’m trading this dude IN AUS 4,000 AUD PLus a Mint 9 1st Edition SHadowless charizard.


Well done brother. That’s a fair deal.

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thats a good deal man! Wish I could upgrade my 9 as well, but in time :blush:

Do you collect 1st edition japanese ex cards and stuff for yourself? Like are you a collector aswell… They be the hardest to get, and I have 35 of them coming back from PSA, and I was just wondering on the Dragon frontiers some things… Is there such thing as GEM MINT 10 OC?? Because the dragon frontiers japanese 1st edition I sent in are Gem mint, theres no way there anything near 9, but they have really bad OC. WCP Champion ones i sent in are all perfect gem with perfect centetering, so I wonder if i will be the first with a 10 set of th exs holo’s in 1st ed.

I dont believe 10 OC exists mate.

Nope. No such thing as a 10 OC. Only 9 and below.

Would be cool, but I suppose they will all come back mint 9 OC :confused: Thanks for info. They should be uploaded at the end of next month on Blastoiserules1 channel, so I can’t wait. I saw your video of master set emerald!! I got 14 boxes on my birthday and Pulled the Thunderus Full art/Rayquaza, and they both got 10’s. Both of The wINOWNA’s got 9’s, and both wally’s got 10’s, The Normal Gallade Full Art had bent/nicked corner out of the pack, and SO many Trainers pulled!!!

I hate Thunderus, probably because I didn’t watch those episodes, because I stopped watching when I was a kid at about the 3rd generation.

Flight of Legends Birds should get 10’s, and I can’t believe there only be 2 Articuno in 10 as stated in your video, so this should be awesome to get a 10.