Looking to Trade for PSA10 1st ed Shadowless Charizard PM ME

Hi Looking to Trade for PSA10 1st ed Shadowless Charizard, so give me a Pm or something. I have fair few 1st ed BW Full arts ( Like the awesome good ones ) and stuff spair/ PSA 9 1st ed Mint CHarizard, Gold star and stuff, 1st ed Neo Destinies shinings psa 10, and other goodlings… Willing to give extremely large amount of crazyness goodness for the cheerizeerd!

Just PM if your interested, I doubt there will be much people here with a spair charizard to trade though lol. I will trade a crazy amount of awesomeness for one. =) I was thinking to get someone like gary on here to do the trade for me, and I send them the stuff, and you send your stuff to him, then he sends my stuff to you.

This would be much safer because you know you can count on someone like him. I never done something like this until not to long ago where some dude just trusted me over ebay, and we did a big ass trade. It worked out pretty awesomely, so I wouldn’t mind doing it again how ever many times in the future.

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Any way I can help brother:)

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Looks like no one has one :sob:

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Didn’t you have a PSA10 1st Ed Charizard?


Yeah I got rid of it because I was pissed off with its condition. I need one now, not gonna happen again. Once its back in the collection its staying. It all started with a comment from M saying - " Look at that massive whitening all across the left boarder, surprised PSA missed it "

So then I was like - That’s not whitening! Impossible! I confirmed my suspicions that it wasn’t whitening, but then the struggle started in the corner of my OCD mind, that there was a bit of that BLUNTLY CUT BOARDER stuff. I didn’t like that, and Got really pissed off even though it wasn’t whitening, so I traded for a stack of cash and PSA 9 charizard that is actually better with none of that BLUNT BOARDER BOARDER shit. The PSA 9 is better condition because of this, but it’s off centered, so Im on the hunt for cheeerizeeaard!

If you think I’m A Idiot, then you can go ahead and like this post. If not feel free to ask further questions about the things.


Jesus Christ, I thought my OCD was bad.


I really struggle internally with some of the stuff I see from PSA. I have gotten 9’s on cards that have looked perfect, which you can easily say I might be missing something.

But then when I get a PSA 10 that has the clear can’t-be-missed from across the room silver edges that are common with 1st edition jungles and some other sets, I really have a tough time with it. I have sold them at auction, and being as I am felt the need to say “hey look here, I really don’t think this is a 10, but PSA gave it one!”. That is why I myself save the 9’s for my own collection that I think are/could be 10’s in my eyes.


Yes I really dont want to trade this charizard, and I’d love to keep for the collection but I need that 10 now lol… Before prices be going up. Let it be known that Im willing to trade awesomeness for this 10 charizard, I shall make offer noone can refuse. NO ONE i say!.. I HAVE SPOKAAAHHHHN!


I’m curious what a “no one can refuse” offer is. I do have one if that’s a requirement for getting the offer.


PM me brah

Holy crap I just checked your ebay and realised your that dude who has it listed for 10,000US dollars. I’m pretty sure my offer can’t span to that amount, considering theres not even an offer button on the listing.

My 10k listings with no best offer are pretty much attraction seeking, show boating, I don’t really care if they don’t sell but if you’re willing to pay I’ll take them out of my collection listings.

I’ve had a lot of fun getting messages from people. My favorite is still a guy who messaged me this:

To start off I am going to say I will NOT pay 10k for that card. I have done my research and I am a professor on Pokémon and I have done the statistics of how rare that card is. I will pay no more than 4 grand for it. Take it or I will not deal with you in the future. 4k and let’s call it a deal?


That guy is not scaring anybody, and sounds like a complete dick. I was told it is worth 4k USD, and thats what I paid for mine. ( Thick edition ) I think you should probably list it for auction, because it seems with US Auctions people go a bit crazy man compared to AUSSIE Auctions… One recently went for 7,000 + USD and it was a Thin Version. Now here in Australia 2 days later some guys 1st ed Trio of charizard, blastoise, and venusaur was on Auction and noone went past 7,080 AUD. How long do you want it to sit up there, or do you actually want to be selling it? I think you could get a fair bit if you put a Make offer and use the maybe 7,000 as a bench mark man, but what do I know.

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Whats his name? I need to know for science reasons.

People will make me offers though messages anyway. Usually they’re more willing to go through PayPal too. I’ve had a few 7k offers and it allows me to message them back to see if they’re serious or not.

He was quite fun. I messaged him back saying that I was sad that I could never sell to the Pokemon Professor. His response:

I have done Pokémon research since the first day they came out and I know how the trends work on the price. The card will go down in value based on my calculations. I am almost certain with these assumptions as I was when I predicted that the Pikachu Illustrator will be the rarest card in the Pokémon world. I am willing to do 5,000 dollars for that card. I appreciate your time. Thank you.

Pokémon Professor

I wont reveal his eBay user name as he hasn’t done anything terrible, but it’s important to know his name has nothing to do with Pokemon or being a professor. So I find it really funny he tagged himself Pokemon Professor.

Okay for starters the guy went back on his word for 4,000… Secondly why didnt you accept 5,000? I wish that guy messeged me when I sold mine… WTF I could have gotten another charizard ffs, and then bought my Blastoise.

7k and you didnt do it? Your crazy. I suppose they were not genuine.

One guy no, the other I haven’t heard back from since the offer. So not looking good.

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Well I hope you sell it man, but you got me all excited and now I’m, I’m, I’m just I’m. :sob: