How to sort bulk?


I’ve recently joined the community here, and I love it so far. I’ve had a lot of people help me, especially alex / angryarcanine, but I wanted to ask someone else to give the poor, lovely man a break.

I’ve ran into the problem of sorting my bulk… I want to resell / trade most of it, but a lot of the already existant spreadsheets are made as checklists for single cards, not bulk.

So the actual question would be, do you guys have / know any good excel sheets to sort out a lot of the bulk you don’t actually collect, but want to keep track of? Or how do you go about it in general?

P.S. If this has already been posted, I apologize in advance. I searched the forums, but I didn’t find what I was looking for! :C

On pokegym there are good spreadsheets which I can link you to.
But if you are looking to sell/trade I do have a few contacts that you might be interested in.
What sets are your bulk from? All English or?

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reminds me I need to clear my boxes of uncommons and various cards lol

You may want to make a lot of say 200, 400, or 500 cards. Make it so there are no duplicates, and sell as a starter collection on ebay. I sold my bulk that way, and it is much better in profit than selling to troll and toad, or a store, or trading for rare cards. I sold most of my 200 card lots for $15-20, and put in 5 rares/promos/holos so people got some cool cards also.

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You may also want to try .99 cent, no reserve auction. I tried auctions with what I want for them, doesn’t seem to work out. The idea behind this is to attract more bidders. Be sure you have the shipping paid by the bidder. At least for a no reserves auction. If you choose this method be 100% sure the listing title is correct.
This is one way, decide what you think is best.

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Mostly English. They’re all kinds of random sets, and sadly the conditions vary. I could make a picture and add that to this thread later if that’s of any use to your contacts.

I also got a bit of bulk from the Japanese Dark Rush.

But yeah, any good spreadsheets will do. It’s just that I want my bulk sorted, and as a starting collector I don’t know how to go about it. But from what I’ve seen, sorting them by set in excel sheets is the go-to way.

Also thanks for the suggestions binx345 and ccgcollector! That sounds like a good plan to get rid of the cards I don’t want while still making a profit.

Link to SMP88’s Pokemon Checklists

The only issue with the above is that he doesn’t do Japanese checklists, only English.

There are also members on pokegym such as Hamster, Swordfish1989, wilyfungi that purchase various bulk!

Best of luck!

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It says it’s upcoming though. I’ll just remember my japanese bulk untill then. Thanks for the help, pokemontrader. :heart_eyes:

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No worries :blush: