Some fake SNAP cards + other incredible fakes

Purely for aesthetic purposes to see how some of the runner up pics would look on a card :blush:

I really like how some of them look. That Kanga tho…


I would add some of the alternatives for Gyarados. :dizzy_face: If anyone knows how to make these, I’m willing to pay for some of these fakes from the runner up pictures!

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Check out these bootleg trophys:


Lovely stuff, I always love to make unreleased stuff actually happen! And lots of those fake snap are actually better than the originals, look at that zapdos!

Personally, I’m trying to revamp the old unreleased GB cards: they have a poor scan, but they were never printed (as far as we know). I started with Pidgeot, my favourite of the bunch, sometime I’m gonna print a copy of each one and put them in an appropriate binder! :grin:



@thitaniumprince I’m jealous of your editing skillz! You should pop that pidgeot onto a koga gym card… just wishful thinking :blush:

Dooooo iiiiiiit!

Heres some more pics of the bootleg trophys

Whats going on with that dumb thick case in the back?!?!

Here we go!

Some gym leader cards from the same blog


Oh man that snap Zapdos card!!!

evan thoe they are fake I would buy a set they have amazing artwork. Has any sold does anybody know?

^ Yea just local organized play prizes.

Heres another fakey I made a while back :grin:


So much wantttt!!!
Brings back so many memories of snapping away for hours as a kid!


You must make us these! :stuck_out_tongue:


I second that!

@hapycakeoven you’re really great at faking, you should post your cards on deviantart, there are many groups for custom cards :grin:

I’ve seen those mega starter trophies, on a japanese blog some time ago, they also printed GB cards (using the original GB TCG game sprite, which I don’t like) for some tournament.
And I’ll definitely make some Snap promo once I get my PC back from assistance! :grin: I also want to make cards with the best Carddass sugimori artworks, I think that some of them really deserve more than a tradable card!

Where did you find those snap printed fakes?
Keep the thread going, I really love that kind of stuff!


Courtesy of Karite-Kita-Neko (, one of the best fakers out there:
Pokémon Name: A-OTF Shin Go Pro B (146px, Smooth rendering, -85 tracking, 99% width)
Evolves from: A-OTF Shin Go Pro M (50px, Strong rendering)
Put onto: A-OTF Shin Go Pro R (47px, Smooth rendering, 94% height, 101% width)
Level: Revue (57px, Smooth rendering, -10 tracking)
HP: Futura LT Medium Bold (116px, Smooth rendering, -10 tracking, 102% height)
Stats (HT, WT, etc.): Kozuka Gothic Pro B (57px, Smooth rendering, 105% width)
Attack Names: HGSGothicE Extra Bold (120px, Smooth rendering, -80 tracking, 103% width)
Attack Effects: A-OTF Shin Go Pro R (40px, Smooth rendering, 60 tracking, 94% height, 101% width, justified left)
Flavour Text: A-OTF Shin Go Pro M (57px, Smooth rendering, justified left)
Illustrator: Serif Gothic Bold (46.75px, Smooth rendering, -20 tracking)
Number: Serif Gothic Regular (60px, Strong rendering)

Gourgeus Gourgeist Darkrai :stuck_out_tongue:

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Pretty much all those fakes can be found on that blog :blush:

And thanks! I wish i had the editing skills you do tho. I pretty much jus cut and paste :stuck_out_tongue: essentially the same as how I search for stuff on YJ LOL