Is this for real!?!?!?!?!?!

Is this card legitimate? I know there is an elusive ‘card-sized’ glossy fossil articuno, but a gb print?!?!?!!
Please tell me this a fake…

Edit: pretty sure its a fake *phewww*. from the same site with the fake snap cards

@anonspaz has this card. I didn’t know it existed until he bought it.

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Not quite, they are different if you compare them. Jacob’s is most likely legit whereas this one is fake for sure!

@smpratte yes same here. His has the fossil logo. Prior to his I only knew of the phonecards.

Since his post I wouldn’t be so surprised if this card existed somewhere somehow so this photo made me antsy :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah yes, I didn’t look at it close enough on my phone. If it is the same person with the fake snap cards I would consider the source.

Incase that articuno wasn’t cool enough

Gahhhhh I need a new printer!

Fake or not I’d buy one if they were near perfect to a real card, these have been my phantom holy grail ever since I saw them in the Gameboy game, quite unfair they teased us with them and never released them, they did with most of the others so why not these? Argh!

The flareon is my ‘phantom grail’ :stuck_out_tongue:

@faiarrow youre lucky that the moltres art was released as a bamf rocket’s moltres

I’d love to have the Articuno, for the Moltres the same art from the GB game was used for the Team Rocket Expansion:

The grand party promo uses all 3 of them. I hope one day they’ll release them for real. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I dream that one day they release a nostalgia set for the old school collectors out there

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This would actually be really awesome. :blush:

Totally! Especially if the vhs and neo intro deck would be released in English. On the other hand, it would bring down the value of the original cards. Like shiny collection, mew was 30 bucks, than legendary collection came, and it significantly dropped. Which are sets released quite close after another, but still.

I’d love a new kind of legendary set, maybe an all Ken Sugimori set! Or another gym-style set, like the VS or (obviously) heroes and challenge.

As long as VS doesn’t get released in English.

But a retro, reprint set would be an awesome idea. Especially for the older collectors. No ex, no mega, just plain old first generation awesomeness.

That won’t happen because its WoTC cards

YEAH! Excited now :blush:

It has happened though. Pokemon Platinum’s Electabuzz/Hitmonchan and Stormfront’s Charmander evolution line. (Albeit updated artwork by Mitsuhiro Arita). All of those card were originally printed by WOTC and reprinted in Nintendo’s sets.

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