Early Japanese fake cards?

So I’ve come across a card that defies logic. It looks real and feels real. But i’ve never seen a mention of it’s existence.

So my question is the following. Does anyone know of fake cards in early JP Era? I’ve seen these sorts (- YouTube) but i mean really high quality copies.

If there’s enough interest i might share the card for a look

Would be good to see a pic of that card…

There are fake cards of high-end trophies but its pretty easy to tell if a card is legit or fake.

Jacob, please share a photo. Many if us would be interested to have a look at it and discuss. Cheers!

How’s this for a pic :blush:

Me and Scott couldn’t figure it out hmm. It is glossy like a coro coro

lol, i know them but I came here for real help i wouldn’t embarrass myelf bringing 2 cards stuck together calling them a trophy :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are links to similar cards from a guy in Japan who makes fake card for a hobby -




The one his made are from the GB game.

Wow that’s interesting where did you find those I searched for hours

They look really high quality…would like to see them in real life

Well if the one i have is one of them, id struggle to see anyone point out any flaws.

I put it under a printers magnifier the print is exactly the same as other cards. The energy symbols and text are flawless as well as the Articuno itself.

It is offset print and is definitely very old and has the exact glossy effect as coro coro promos its even not centered. It’s really mind boggling

No it might be a real card. It’s one I’ve wanted for some time but comes up only rarely. That is, if it is what I think it is. The thing is, I thought it was supposed to have been a phone card.

There was a book released in Japan called Pokemon Card Strategies an Adult Can Understand, or similar to that based on how you translate it. If you mailed a stub in from it, or something like that (I’m sketchy on the details), then you got this Articuno card which has a similar design to the TMB phone card print.

Heres the kicker, the only references to it that I have make it out to be a Phone card itself!! Yours clearly is not. That’s why I am confused. It’s supposed to be a phone card but doesn’t have the yellow base of the TMB print.

Thats awesome! Do you actually have the card??

My theory has failed, I do not know what your card is :slightly_frowning_face:

I have confirmed that the PCG Strategy Articuno card was 100% a phone card so you’re out of luck with that theory.


@mkpokecc Yes i do that’s my picture i took this morning

Yup, I’ve seen its referenced in the silver book (i have no idea its name) but that is clearly a phone card, this is full sized.

I can’t find my book but it’s referenced in a separate picture but in the same section as the TMB phone cards. As Jason has said, It basically a phone card from the looks of it but a full print (no large yellow section at the bottom)

It’s similar to the GB only cards you can see but this is different as it contains the fossil card info as well as a different background but does match perfectly the single Articuno phone card.

One last note, those fake cards seems to be fairly recently made, this card definitely has a lot of age to it and is played. Seems these guys made to display not handout and played but I don’t know for sure i guess.


@jason I purchased this card in a small lot of cards of all pre-1998 card, just some guys collection, not many promos and all mostly played I’s rather not say how much I paid but it wasn’t much. The lot was from Japan.

EDIT- some info from Viperfox’s blog - Articuno was also reprinted as a present card in a book called “PCG Strategies even an Adult can Understand”, and instead of featuring the elongated base border to the card that is prominent in the original issue, the card is more than likely actual standard card size (the phone cards are actually smaller than a standard TCG card.) Due to this, the card is a unique version, therefore another one on the list of cards uncatalogued by PCL during this year.

Hmm ok, do you have any further info on it? do we have a picture of one?

So one was on Yahoo a couple years back, dam i wish we had a picture.


The card that Viperfox is referring to is the phone card copy without the elongated base. If you translate what it says right beside the phone card in the Original Card Book 2000, it translates to PCG Strategies even an Adult can Understand. Sorry to break your bubble :slightly_frowning_face:

This is the PCG Strategies phone card copy. This was the same one that was on Yahoo Japan, it was a phone card.

If anyone wants to see the card in the Official Card Book, just check out page 250, right hand lower side of the left page :blush:

I didn’t think it was the phone card since i had previously seen it in the book and it’s definitely a phone card from the look of it (small cutout at the bottom) and bit thinner.

I’m just curious as it it’s origins

Just something to note. There were two PCG Strategy books released. The first was released in March 1997, the revised version was released in November 1997. You can see both on page 339 of the Official Card Book 2000. Maybe from one you could get the phone card, and from the other you could get your card? I honestly haven’t the slightest clue I’m just throwing ideas out there. It does seem unlikely, though, as they would probably put a picture of it in the book had it been released like that. It was also just a revision, not really two separate books.

It’s also interesting to point out how yours has the background like the two phone cards. And not like the background of the GB game one (not a real card), which was a different for the three birds from the phone card ones. Anyways, there’s no tie to the GB cards with your card.