Fake or Real? Unidentifiable Mew card w/ no background info

I recently came upon this card (link).

The seller mentioned that they believed it to be a Promo card, but I cannot find any information on any distribution of this card. I have contacted the original seller, as well as sellers in Japan for background/translation, but to no avail.

The only thing I can manage is part of the title, which is “___'s Mew”.
Additionally, I can’t find any information on the illustrator.

Several people I have asked believe it to be a fake (I’m inclined as well, but the effort for a single production card is odd) -
any insight is appreciated.


Fake. No copywrite.


Clearly fake…


Usually a good indication, but a lot of older Japanese cards don’t have any copyright on them.
I’m curious if anybody has a different opinion, but I’m certain you’re correct and it’s a fake.

Almost always, if you suspect a card may be fake, it is.

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I like it, but it is ssoooo fake

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Sorry to cut in, today I found something like this:

Here’s the link:

There’s also Pidgeot…

I love that pikachu card :blush:

It looks like he has a stein of beer.