Is this card real?

Is this a legit sealed card? I haven’t seen any of these with the catch Mew side up or square corners.

It shows it’s a Mew card but it says Mewtwo? Lol

What Mewtwo…? There is no Mewtwo. In the forth picture the card’s name is “Mewtwo” but is a Mew illustration.
It isn’t real…

I bought similar cards when I was in the Dominican just because they looked funny. Mewtwo’s name in that deck is ‘The Dark Lord’ or something ridiculous.

Take a closer look, Frosty. :wink:

This pack has 2 cards in it. The one in front called the “Catch Mew” insert card is the card I’m questioning. You usually see the other side of the Catch Mew card in sealed packs, which is why I was questioning if this was repackaged or not.

The Mewtwo you see in the second picture is real and is a separate card from the Catch Mew insert. The Mewtwo card has the movie stamp on it like the Electabuzz, Pikachu and Dragonite promos do. :blush:

No , I do do not believe it is repackaged. Examples:

and our very own charizard authority: -Look closely at the bottom of second image.

@frosty - The catch mew was promoting the pokemon leagues and how you can get a promotional mew card.

I can’t believe myself! Sorry guys, my stupidity has taken over.

I didn’t see the yellow border in between noticing there was a card behind it. Aha

Awesome! Thanks for the info mkpokecc!

It’s okay, Frosty! :wink: You’re not the only one who saw it like that! lol