Possible Misprint or Proof? 1998 Meiji Promotional Set

Here is the relatively unknown set on Bulbapedia.

Here are the two cards for a side-by-side comparison.

Bulbapedia and all other cards I have seen are listed as the NO.30 Mew that is on the right.

Yes, this would typically be indicative of a fake for the NO.0 card on the left (no sets I have seen list a NO.0 in the set list).

Anyway, I would write it off as a fake, but for some reason the image of Mew in NO.0 is sharper than the mass reproduced one on the right.

I got this direct from a seller in Japan, but with no information on it.

The prism design is slightly different on the NO.0, but other than clarity difference they’re identical in design, thickness, and all other text elements on front/back.

My guess is a printing proof/misprint before the set was produced/released to the public - but it could be a fake that is somehow a better quality than an original.

PM sent.

I need the #30 Mewtwo as well as Meowth and psyduck. Please check your messages…

I’ll admit, I did not closely look at the back of the two cards, the NO.0 is significantly lengthier in text, with a different title as well. I don’t know if anybody is able to translate, but I believe this might be some proof/pre-release prototype of some sort - let me know if anybody has any ideas.


I don’t know how it would help, but these are the translations for the cards:

Left Card (NO.30):

Called the “Legendary Pokemon” or “New Species of Pokemon”. Found drawn on murals. Mewtwo was created from the fossilized eyelash of Mew. It seems it has existed since ancient times, but the details are still unknown.

(Yellow Background Text)
It was the Pokemon’s tears that saved Ash after he was petrified by the Mew’s psychic attacks.

Right Card (NO.0):
[Ash has…!]

Ash turned to stone when he tried to stop the battle amidst Pokemon. Mew and Mewtwo stop their battle when they see Pikachu and other Pokemon saddened by Ash’s petrified state. Mewtwo realizes how pointless the battle between Pokemon and their copies has been.

(Yellow background text)
Ash, after taking the full brunt of both psychic attacks. Even Pikachu’s electric attacks have no effect on his petrified body.