Fake card?

I’ve never seen this card before. Kept it for years alongside my reverse holo Vulpix and Hitmonlee, but this one is certainly different.

I apologize for the crummy picture. The holo covers the entire card except for about half of the actual Pokemon image; it’s not just the border.

Fake buddy

I’ve discussed these types of fakes before elsewhere in these forums. These counterfeits were generally sold at festivals in Japan for a fraction of what a booster pack would cost. While the sellers of the cards were indeed violating copyright, the intent was not to fool the buyers but simply take advantage of the demand. Everyone knew the cards were fake, but kids bought them anyway because they wanted a cheaper way to get the cards they needed to build their game decks.

Another way to think about it — buying these cards was similar to buying an unlicensed set of polyhedral dice for a tabletop RPG such as Dungeons and Dragons. They might not be official, but they serve the same purpose as their legit counterpart.

I’m not saying I condone the behavior of the counterfeiters. It’s just that nobody in Japan ever thought these were authentic collectibles.


Cool information. I really appreciate it!

I think I have another one similar. Same era… But it was a jumpluff hologram… Weird thing was that the cards entire panel has a correct holographic strip, the same pattern as the original holo picture as well.

How did the counterfeiters get there hands on the same foil strips as the licensed cards? these look almost identical to originals, and feel the same as well. The Japanese fakes were a step above the English ones that’s for sure.

I know it sounds silly but can you clarify mine as well?


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This one looks real. Gloss, holo and color seem legit. Its one of those infusions.


I’m fairly sure @missingno is correct, I have seen quite a few neo genesis cards where the holo seems to have “spilled” onto the whole card rather than just the image, someone on here had a lugia I think, also a blastoise from team rocket has been graded with this same defect and I think it got possibly an 8?

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Also we just seen @azulryu’s french Gyarados with that same infusion.

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I’m going to have to agree with these guys. Your Jumpluff looks legit. Correct holo pattern, gloss, edging, no blurry imagery, looks like a legit misprint. It’s rare, but it happens.